magnifying glass

vector for magnifying glass with text...if you find it useful, just use it all the way you like :) Ellipsis
magnifying glass

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  1. Missing

    Que bien me ha venido! Gracias por compatir, está genial.

    Thanx for sharing, it's mtfkn awesome!

  2. 9317_261092045623_775320623_9017576_1870668_n

    sooo cool!!

  3. Geetee

    Wow, thanks man! Just when I needed it for a website project and voila!! A beautifully drawn magnifying glass!!!! Awwwesome!

  4. you are welcome :)

  5. 26062010142


  6. i hope you like it :)

  7. Scan-portrait-chris

    This seems great and very usefull

  8. thanks :)