Mary Winkler

The work of Mary Winkler (aka Acrylicana) is vivid and whimsical. It's often child-like in theme, depicting sweets, fanciful creatures and rainbows as well as exploring the world of fashion and garment in illustrated form. Done in a variety of media, including digital, acrylic, watercolour and ink, Mary's work is pop art, graphic and, for lack of a better word, sparkly. Her work is painted on canvas, a variety of papers or printed by way of giclee ink jet or silk screen (usually onto fabric for pouches/bags). Mary studied Illustration at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Vector-bagel-icon-set
    Bagel Icon Set
  • Internet-explorer-icon-set
    Internet Explorer Icon Set
  • Cookie-cutter-fruit-vector-set-b
    Cookie Cutter Fruit Vector Set B
  • Vector-letras-set-retro
    Letras Set: Retro
  • Letras-letters-alphabet-dimensional
    Letras Letters Alphabet Dimensional
  • Letras-letters-alphabet-set-f
    Letras Letters Alphabet Set F
  • Letras-letters-alphabet-candy-set
    Letras Letters Alphabet Candy Set
  • Arcade-button-girly-vector-set
    Arcade Button Girly Vector Set
  • Smarties-candy-gradient-vector-elements
    Smarties Candy Gradient Vector Elements
  • Pencil-case-stylized-vector
    Pencil Case Stylized Vector
  • Vector-blood-drive-icons
    Blood Drive Icons
  • Bagel-flat-icon-set
    Bagel Flat Icon Set
  • Letras-letters-alphabet-set-d
    Letras Letters Alphabet Set D
  • Letras-letters-alphabet-set-a
    Letras Letters Alphabet Set A
  • Vector-letras-set-stencil
    Letras Set: Stencil
  • Blason-shield-vector-set-flat
    Blason Shield Vector Set Flat
  • Letras-rough-chalk-set
    Letras - Rough Chalk Set
  • Blason-hand-drawn-set
    Blason - Hand-drawn Set
  • Letras-geometric-set-vector
    Letras - Geometric Set
  • Letras-letters-alphabet-set-b
    Letras Letters Alphabet Set B
  • Templar-knight-gradient-vector-set
    Templar Knight Gradient Vector Set
  • Smarties-candy-vector-elements
    Smarties Candy Vector Elements
  • Ink-pot-girly-vector-set
    Ink Pot Girly Vector Set
  • Arcade-button-vector-elements-set-b
    Arcade Button Vector Elements Set B
  • Arcade-button-vector-elements-set-a
    Arcade Button Vector Elements Set A
  • Cute-ink-pot-vector-set
    Cute Ink Pot Vector Set
  • Colorful-violin-key-and-music-notes-set
    Colorful Violin Key and Music Notes Set
  • Cute-violin-key-vector-set
    Cute Violin Key Vector Set
  • Ink-pot-vector-set
    Ink Pot Vector Set
  • Dimensional-die-cut-sticker-set
    Dimensional Die Cut Sticker Set
  • Bubble-tea-vector-set
    Bubble Tea Vector Set
  • Colorful-hdmi-vector-set
    Colorful HDMI Vector Set
  • Blason-shield-vector-set-gradient
    Blason Shield Vector Set Gradient
  • Violin-key-treble-clef-3d-icons
    Violin Key Treble Clef 3D Icons
  • Die-cut-sticker-set
    Die Cut Sticker Set
  • 3d-internet-explorer-icon-set
    3D Internet Explorer Icon Set
  • Happy-tampon-period-vector-set
    Happy Tampon Period Vector Set
  • Wood-grain-internet-explorer-icon-set
    Wood Grain Internet Explorer Icon Set
  • Flat-templar-vector-set
    Flat Templar Vector Set
  • Happy-bubble-tea-vector-set
    Happy Bubble Tea Vector Set
  • Baby-footprint-birth-announcement-vector
    Baby Footprint Birth Announcement Vector
  • Brownie-vector-set
    Brownie Vector Set
  • Kids-menu-vector
    Kids Menu Vector
  • Lemonade-stand-vector-graphic-set
    Lemonade Stand Vector Graphic Set
  • Lemonade-stand-pattern-set
    Lemonade Stand Pattern Set
  • Pen-nib-vector-set
    Pen Nib Vector Set
  • Ginger-tea-vector-set
    Ginger Tea Vector Set
  • Kids-menu-vector-girls
    Kids Menu Vector Girls
  • Hula-hoop-assets-vector
    Hula Hoop Assets
  • Cookie-cutter-fruit-vector-set
    Cookie Cutter Fruit Vector Set
  • Playbook-graphics-handdrawn-plays
    Playbook Graphics Handdrawn Plays
  • Pakistan-flag-pattern-set
    Pakistan Flag Pattern Set
  • Cookie-cutter-fruit-vector-set-c
    Cookie Cutter Fruit Vector Set C
  • Neuron-theme-business-card-template-set
    Neuron Theme Business Card Template Set
  • Vector-nurse-gradient-icons
    Nurse Gradient Icons
  • Cookie-cutter-vector-set-c
    Cookie Cutter Vector Set C
  • Cookie-cutter-vector-set-a
    Cookie Cutter Vector Set A
  • Pakistan-flag-icon-set
    Pakistan Flag Icon Set
  • Cookie-cutter-vector-set-b
    Cookie Cutter Vector Set B
  • Pakistan-flag-icon-set-b
    Pakistan Flag Icon Set B
  • Welcome-home-banner-type-set
    Welcome Home Banner Type Set
  • Neuron-inspired-pattern-set
    Neuron Inspired Pattern Set
  • Paint-streak-watercolor-texture-set
    Paint Streak - Watercolor Texture Set
  • Paint-streak-vector-set-colorful
    Paint Streak Vector Set - Colorful
  • Paint-streak-vector-set-dry-brush
    Paint Streak Vector Set - Dry Brush
  • Paint-streak-colorful-watercolor-set
    Paint Streak Colorful Watercolor Set
  • Charcoal-style-paint-streaks-vector-set
    Charcoal Style Paint Streaks Vector Set
  • Wheat-stalk-pattern-set
    Wheat Stalk Pattern Set
  • Paint-streak-vector-set
    Paint Streak Vector Set
  • Paint-streak-colorful-fun-set
    Paint Streak Colorful Fun Set
  • Blood-drive-vector-icon-set
    Blood Drive Vector Icon Set
  • Nurse-vector-icon-set
    Nurse Vector Icon Set
  • Pink-sequins-background-set
    Pink Sequins Background Set
  • Cute-medical-icon-set-3
    Cute Medical Icon Set 3
  • Cute-medical-icon-set-1
    Cute Medical Icon Set 1
  • Blue-sequins-background-set
    Blue Sequins Background Set
  • Cute-medical-icon-set-2
    Cute Medical Icon Set 2
  • Doctor-vector-set
    Doctor Vector Set
  • Rainbow-lanyard-vector-set
    Rainbow Lanyard Vector Set
  • Cocoa-beans-and-mocha-vector-set
    Cocoa Beans and Mocha Vector Set
  • Hand-drawn-sangria-vector-set
    Hand Drawn Sangria Vector Set
  • Watercolor-brownie-vector-set
    Watercolor Brownie Vector Set
  • Watercolor-pancake-vector-designs
    Watercolor Pancake Vector Designs
  • Watercolor-lychee-vector-set
    Watercolor Lychee Vector Set
  • Handpainted-pancake-vector-set
    Handpainted Pancake Vector Set
  • Handpainted-soap-suds-vector-set
    Handpainted soap Suds Vector Set
  • Handpainted-crepes-vector-set
    Handpainted Crepes Vector Set
  • Broken-phone-screen-vector-set
    Broken Phone Screen Vector Set
  • Bauhaus-inspired-pattern-set
    Bauhaus Inspired Pattern Set
  • Yoyo-vector-set
    Yoyo Vector Set
  • Moon-phases-vector
    Moon Phases Vector
  • Winter-coats-vector-set
    Winter Coats Vector Set
  • Hdmi-and-usb-vector-set
    HDMI and USB Vector Set
  • Ladies-hats-vector-set
    Ladies' Hats Vector Set
  • Trendy-iphone-case-vector-set
    Trendy iPhone Case Vector Set
  • Coffee-sleeve-and-coffee-drink-set
    Coffee Sleeve and Coffee Drink set
  • Imessage-style-icon-set
    iMessage Style Icon Set
  • Sangria-pattern-vector-set
    Sangria Pattern Vector Set
  • Bingo-card-vector-set
    Bingo Card Vector Set

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