Halftone Textures

Halftone Textures

Contains 5 halftoned textures based on public domain space/galaxy photos. Each photo was edited, removing and cleaning up some parts. Perfect for adding textures and water color effects on backgrounds.

In return I only request you to vote for my t-shirt entry to the $10K contest at Designbyhumans.com entitled Black Hole Sun.


Thanks and enjoy!!

Copyright: collisiontheory

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Halftone Textures

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    Thank you!

  2. This is awesome. I just found this same image being used as a background image on http://codepen.io/

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    Congrats and beautiful! Thank you!

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    awesome i love it

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  6. Missing

    very beautiful.心驚いたほど美しい。

  7. great!!

  8. Jim

    awesome !

  9. D9time

    Man, I'm blown away by your designs. I can't find anything like that at retail stores. I went to vote only to have found that you had already won the contest! I see you've a habit of winning it!

  10. Missing

    very vibrant!Thanks!

  11. Missing

    love it thanks

  12. Missing

    uh-mazing! couldn't figure out how to vote for your designs on DBH

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    Hey! We are having a design contest and thought you might be interested.


  14. Jonno


  15. Missing

    Really nice!

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    Thank you. :)

  17. Missing

    soooo rad!!!

  18. Missing

    This is intense

  19. very very well done and good way to show creativity!

  20. Wyatt_me

    Wow, I love your t-shirt designs. Especially Black Moon Rising! Great work with these.

  21. _47

    so good!!

  22. P1100003

    me encanta! es lo que estaba buscando!

  23. Great!

  24. Pack_of_haters

    awesome artwork!!!!!