For Vecteezy contributors, more downloads of your vectors, stock photos, and stock videos will lead to more income. Each resource that you upload has the potential to generate passive income for months or years to come. While there are a lot of different ways you can go about creating resources for Vecteezy users, this article focuses on seven simple things you can put into practice starting today.

1. Establish Your Style

Many of our most successful contributors have a particular style that shows up consistently throughout their portfolios. When you’ve established your own style, users who are on our site frequently will start to recognize your work. You’ll be able to brand yourself based on that style, and users will turn to your resources when they need something that matches your style. If you have a consistent style, visitors may download multiple resources from you because they’ll have some uniformity and they’ll work well together in larger projects.

Hand-Drawn Illustration

Illustration by Huza Studio

Think about the way you want to brand yourself and the type of style that you want to become known for. For more details, please read our article How to Find Your Niche as a Designer.

2. Create for a Specific Audience or Industry

When you’re creating resources, it’s helpful to think about who will be using that resource. If you’re able to provide exactly what a specific type of user will be looking for, you’ll be able to get more downloads and make more money.

Users who are searching and browsing Vecteezy will find a lot of options. When they come across a resource that seems like it was created for their exact needs, it will stand out from all of the others and they’re more likely to download it.

For example, if a realtor is looking for a flyer template, he or she will come across many general or business-oriented flyer designs that could be used. But a flyer, like the one below, that was specifically designed for real estate is more likely to stand out.

Real Estate Flyer

Flyer designed by distrologo

You don’t have to target the same audience or the same industry with each of your resources, but it’s a good idea to think about exactly who you’re creating each resource for so you can provide something that will meet their needs.

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3. Create Themed Sets

Instead of creating a bunch of random individual resources, focus on creating sets of resources based on a common theme. To create a themed set, the resources could:

  • Share a similar design concept so they can be used together (like a flyer, brochure, and business card designed to match).
  • Be put together to form a larger set (like one large icon pack broken down into smaller categorized sets).
  • Focus on a common subject (like a series of photos of videos of the same subject).
  • Present a similar concept in different ways.

Having themed sets in your portfolio can help you in a few different ways. Visitors that download one item from your set are very likely to be interested in the other resources. Instead of getting one download, you might get four or five.

Your themed sets can also help you to get more exposure in the Vecteezy search results. Several of the resources from your themed set might show up on the first page of search results for a particular keyword, making it more likely that you’ll get a download.

Aside from the search results, having several resources in a themed set will give you a better chance of having your resources listed in the related vectors, related photos, and related videos that are shown throughout our site.

Themed sets can also be extremely effective for branding and establishing your style, as we mentioned earlier.

For more details, please see our article 11 Ways to Create Themed Sets.

4. Create Collections of Your Resources

All Vecteezy users and contributors have the ability to organize resources into collections. You can make those collections private (visible only to you) or public (anyone can see them). Collections are often used by our visitors to organize resources in different ways, but contributors can also take advantage of collections in order to get more downloads.

When you’re logged in to your contributor profile, you can create collections and add your own resources to those collections. Essentially, collections can be used to categorize your resources, which makes it easier for visitors to browse through your portfolio. This is especially useful for contributors that have hundreds or thousands of resources because visitors are less likely to scroll through a large number of pages to see everything in your portfolio.

Vector contributor Md. Liton Khan has organized his resources into collections that include flyers, stationery, brochures, backgrounds, calendars, banners, and social media images. Visitors can easily browse through the collections to find resources that they like.


5. Share the Link to Your Vecteezy Profile

If you want to give your resources a little extra push, you can share the URL of your profile through your social profiles, on your portfolio website, or on your blog. You can also share links to new individual resources when they’re added. And circling back to the previous point, each collection you create will have its own URL. Collections are ideal for sharing as well.

6. Use Titles Effectively

Each resource that you upload will have its own unique title that you assign. The titles can be very important for getting your resources to rank in searches on Vecteezy. What’s equally important is that titles can help your resources to be visible in Google search results, especially image searches.

Think about the words and phrases that visitors would be likely to use if they’re searching for a resource like yours. If you have several similar resources, change it up and use different keywords and phrases in your titles to cast a wider net and give your resources a chance to show up for different searches.


Hopefully, the tips covered in this article have given you some practical ideas you can use to get more downloads and make more money as a Vecteezy contributor. You’ll get the best results with a strategic approach, so choose one of the tips you can start implementing right away.

Lead image by illustratelife.