Repeating patterns can be used in many ways within your designs. Of course, we offer a huge selection of patterns here at Vecteezy, but it’s also helpful to know how to create your own. Today, we’re going to be learning how to create and apply custom patterns in Inkscape. Let’s start by making a custom pattern.

We’ve downloaded a snowflake vector and customized it, and now we want to replicate it and use it as a custom pattern.


To do this, we need to tell Inkscape to convert it into a pattern that can then be applied to objects within our document. To do this, we’ll select the pattern’s elements with the Selection tool.

Selected Element

Then we’ll go to Object > Pattern > Objects to Pattern.

Objects to Pattern

You can then use the Node tool to adjust the pattern’s position, scale, and rotation inside the object.

Node Tool

Use the circle icon to adjust its rotation.

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Circle Icon

Click the box icon to adjust its scale.

Box Icon

It’s important to take note of the name Inkscape has assigned to your pattern in the Fill and Stroke panel if you want to use the pattern on other objects.

Pattern Name

Now that we’ve created our pattern, let’s apply it to another object. In this case, let’s create some snowflake wrapping paper. First, select the object we want to fill with the Selection tool or the Node tool.

Selected Gift

Then, go to the Fill and Stroke panel and select the pattern icon. This will tell Inkscape to fill the object with the pattern instead of a solid fill color or gradient.

Pattern Fill

Click the dropdown menu and select the pattern we just created.

Selecting the Pattern

Like before, you can use the Node tool to adjust the pattern’s size and placement within the object.

Applied Pattern

It’s that simple to create a custom pattern and apply it to objects within Inkscape!

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Lead image by Cami Dobrin.