Vector Maps of Europe

Vector maps for Europe, one of the world's continents located on the western peninsula of the Eurasian super-continent. Use these vector maps for Europe to enhance the look of your next work! Also these vector maps are available for personal and commercial use, so check the license and enjoy! Ellipsis
Vector Maps of Europe

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  1. Img_6394

    Hey @maatiash: that's totally fine!

  2. Missing

    HI Erind, may use this map for my thesis? I am preparing it to obtain a master degree. May I also submit some changes like adding colors and indicating some countries? Thank you for your reply!
    Regards, Maciej

  3. Img_6394

    @Chris_and_Nadja - yes, you can use this resource for that use and can edit the map for your needs. If you could credit that would be great! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Missing

    Hi Erind,

    we are currently working on an infographic about organic food. The graphic will be placed in a printed newspaper for students at our university next year and is distributed for free.

    We would like to use your map for this purpose. Could we adjust some details such as changing colors, add statistics/charts, headlines, information about countries?
    Furthermore we are wondering how we should name you as a source … (URL, first-/last-name and so on)?

    Kind regards

  5. Img_6394

    @Tommz Yes, as long as you don't resell or redistribute the actual file and credit here, you should be good to go.

  6. Missing

    @erind, Thanks for your reply, but I would need to know this: can I change your vector picture, such as to add different background colors to different countries and also I would need to make them pictures little bit smaller, because I'm making application and it should be visible on all Android devices. So this is my question: can I use your free vector image, changed and resized little bit for commercial use? If so, I would put credits to this link in Settings of application.

  7. Img_6394

    @Tommz: this specific vector is available free to download actually and yes, it is available for commercial use, and that would be perfect if you could link back here. If you do want to purchase a Premium subscription, there are tons of awesome files that you can also use commercially as long as you never resell or redistribute them. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  8. Missing

    I mean, if I purchase premium, am I able to change them and use them commercially?

  9. Missing

    Hey Erind, is there any way I could use your vector photos for commercial use and to change them just a little bit? I would need it for an aplication I'm making and I would put link for your vecteezy account here.

  10. Missing

    Thank you

  11. Img_6394

    Hey! If you purchase any premium resource, you purchase the right to use commercially. Just make sure you don't resell or redistribute anything! Thanks!

  12. Missing

    Hi, great work. I would like to use some of your maps in my commercial work, how can I best get in touch?

  13. Missing

    sympa merci pour votre carte

  14. Missing

    Thank you!! :)

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