Character designs

These are just a few of the many characters I have drawn in Illustrator for use in Flash videos.

Character designs

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    From what I was finding online, most things are a common general license, but each illustrator has the right to include a license with the download that is specific to that file. I just wanted to have my bases covered, so I don't get my company sued! I will let you know if we end up using anything of yours.

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    Hello! Well, all of vecteezy I believe is a Commons general license - free to use and yada yada yada. But of course it's limited. I would say as long as it's not ADult material, I consent to commercial use. Also, if its something cool that you are making, I would like one :D

    Thank you for asking. SO many don't. Not even target...

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    Also, do you allow adaptations for commercial use?

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    Is this available for commercial use? The lack of a license makes me think yes, but I'd like confirmation. Thanks!

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    Thanks, mate...

    I'll use it well...

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