Matthew Taylor Wilson

I like coffee. I like illustration. I like soccer.

I'm an illustrator & graphic designer living in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

You can see more of my work here: http://www.matthewtaylorwilson.com

  • Symmetrical-floral-pattern
    symmetrical floral pattern
  • Symmetrical-eye-flower
    symmetrical eye flower
  • 0589-symmetrical-leaves-pattern
    symmetrical leaves pattern
  • Make-own-magic-artist
    Make own magic artist
  • Dancing-guy
    dancing guy
  • Libra-zodiac-badge
    libra zodiac badge
  • Kids-dancing
    kids dancing
  • 0567-alien-attack-badge
    alien attack merit badge
  • Robot-danger-merit-badge
    robot danger merit badge
  • Space-man-merit-badge
    space man merit badge
  • Earth-man-giant-robot-badge
    earth man giant robot badge
  • Aquarius-zodiac-badge
    aquarius zodiac badge
  • Taurus-zodiac-bull-badge
    taurus zodiac bull badge
  • Scorpio-zodiac-badge
    scorpio zodiac badge
  • 0569-pisces-zodiac-badge
    pisces fish zodiac badge
  • Colorful-hand-drawn-flower-background
    colorful hand drawn flower background
  • Colorful-hand-drawn-floral-pattern
    colorful hand drawn floral pattern
  • Skateboard-guy
    skateboard guy
  • Jetpack-flying-man
    jetpack flying man
  • Space-ranger
    space ranger
  • Aries-zodiac-badge
    aries zodiac badge
  • Leo-lion-zodiac-badge
    leo lion zodiac badge
  • Sagittarius-centaur-zodiac-badge
    sagittarius centaur zodiac badge
  • Cancer-zodiac-badge
    cancer zodiac badge
  • Gemini-twins-zodiac-badge
    gemini twins zodiac badge
  • Capricorn-zodiac-badge
    capricorn zodiac badge
  • Virgo-zodiac-badge
    virgo zodiac badge
  • Astronaut-spaceship-alien-in-space
    astronaut spaceship alien in space
  • 0562-watering-can-lettering
    watering can & flowers quote
  • 0560-reading-boy-library
    young boy reading in a library
  • 0561-cats-in-a-garden
    cats in a garden
  • 0536-paint-lettering
    messy paint lettering
  • 0557-soccer-goalie
    soccer goalie guy
  • 0558-soccer-bike-kick
    soccer bicycle kick
  • 0549-monsters-in-flowers
    Monsters in a garden
  • 0556-inspiration-is-for-amateurs-lettering
    inspiration is for amateurs lettering
  • 0555-soccer-player
    soccer player
  • 0550-funny-monster-faces
    funny colorful monster faces
  • 0551-monster-in-gokart
    monster go-kart speed demon
  • 0552-snake-ampersand
    snake ampersand illustration
  • 0553-monster-skateboard
    monster skateboarding
  • 0554-monster-on-stage-singing
    monster on stage singing
  • 0548-modern-geometric-pattern
    modern geometric pattern
  • 0547-lion-coat-of-arms
    lion coat of arms
  • 0543-hand-holding-rose
    white hand holding rose
  • 0544-dragon-coat-of-arms
    dragon coat of arms
  • 0545-griffin-coat-of-arms
    griffin coat of arms
  • 0546-unicorn-coat-of-arms
    unicorn coat of arms
  • 0541-retro-rubiks-cube
    retro rubik's cube illustration
  • 0540-memphis-brush-pattern
    memphis pattern brush strokes
  • 0539-camping-trees-lettering
    sleep under the stars camping illustration
  • 0538-cute-fish
    Cute fish illustration
  • 0542-ring-pops-candy
    colorful ring pop candy
  • 0537-colorful-floral-background
    colorful floral background
  • 0535-good-day-sunshine-lettering
    good day sunshine lettering
  • 0533-mimosa-drink-recipe
    Mimosa drink recipe
  • 0534-monster-faces
    cute monster heads
  • 0532-whiskey-sour-recipe
    whiskey sour recipe
  • 0531-hope-lettering
    colorful hope lettering illustration
  • 0532-grumpy-monster-group
    grumpy monster group
  • 0525-have-fun-landscape
    colorful cartoon landscape
  • 0529-orange-retro-mini-car
    orange retro mini cooper
  • 0526-colorful-sun-landscape
    colorful geometric flowers landscape
  • 0527-flower-girl
    flower girl lettering
  • 0528-skull-flower
    skull flower
  • 0524-people-power
    people power illustration
  • 0530-yellow-retro-vw-bug
    yellow retro volkswagen beetle
  • 0522-knife-juggling-guy
    knife juggler guy
  • 0521-cute-circus-elephant
    cute circus elephant
  • 0523-happy-birthday-flowers
    floral happy Birthday lettering
  • 0520-make-something-today-lettering
    make something quote lettering
  • 0519-circus-bear
    cute circus polar bear
  • 0518-circus-lion
    cute circus lion
  • 0517-floral-heart-shape
    floral heart shape
  • 0514-colorful-peace-lettering-01
    colorful peace lettering
  • 0515-colorful-love-lettering-02
    colorful retro love lettering
  • 0516-colorful-joy-lettering-03
    colorful retro joy lettering
  • 0511-retro-pepper-pattern
    retro green pepper pattern
  • 0482-santa-on-the-roof
    Santa Claus on the roof
  • 0500-be-mine-lettering
    be mine valentines lettering
  • 0475-beholder-monster
    beholder dungeon & dragons monster
  • 0512-retro-corn-pattern
    retro corn pattern
  • 0510-retro-tomato-pattern-01
    retro tomato pattern
  • 0477-polar-bear-penguin-friends
    Polar bear and penguin
  • 0472-penguin-rock-singer
    Penguin rock singer
  • 0471-penguin-rock-bassist
    Penguin rock bassist
  • 0489-christmas-carolers
    Christmas carolers
  • 0488-blue-face-people
    emotional character faces
  • 0487-workout-man
    running man
  • 0486-strong-man
    tattooed strong man
  • 0481-dancing-kids
    happy dancing kids
  • 0484-guy-on-bike-02
    guy on bike
  • 0483-guy-driving-car-01
    guy in a cab
  • 0485-guy-on-skateboard-03
    guy on a skateboard
  • 0480-bluegrass-musicians
    two bluegrass musicians
  • 0479-kid-skating-pencil
    pencil skateboard kid
  • 0501-dragon-balloon-castle
    Dragon balloon castle
  • 0474-wolf-warrior
    fantasy wolf warrior
  • 0498-true-love-lettering
    true love lettering
  • Cute_monsters
    Cute Monsters
  • Cute-watercolor-leaves-and-lettering-quote
    Cute Watercolor Leaves And Lettering Quote
  • Free-hand-drawn-valentines-ring-vector-background
    Free Hand Drawn Valentines Ring Vector Background
  • New-york-heart-watercolor-vector
    New York Heart Watercolor Vector
  • Free-flat-linear-design-vector-image-concept
    Free Flat Linear Design Vector Image Concept
  • Flat-mountaineer-vectors
    Flat Mountaineer Vectors
  • Flat-green-city-vector-illustration
    Flat Green City Vector Illustration
  • Landscape-sunset-illustration-vector-background
    Landscape Sunset Illustration Vector Background
  • Flat-winter-landscape-vector-background
    Flat Winter Landscape Vector Background
  • Hand-drawn-potted-cactus
    Hand Drawn Potted Cactus
  • Vector-floral-retro-background
    Floral Retro Background
  • Retro-style-media-vector-pack-2
    Retro Style Media Vector Pack 2
  • Penguin-portraits-vector-set
    Penguin Portraits Vector Set
  • Owl-vector-portraits
    Owl Vector Portraits
  • Animal-portraits-vector-pack
    Animal Portraits Vector Pack
  • Animal-portraits-vector-set
    Animal Portraits Vector Set
  • Animals-vector
    Animals Vector
  • Animal-portrait-vector-set-two
    Animal Portrait Vector Set Two
  • Cute-owl-vectors
    Cute Owl Vectors
  • Long-shadow-fruit-icon-vector-set
    Long Shadow Fruit Icon Vector Set
  • Botanical-floral-vector-pack
    Botanical Floral Vector Pack
  • Cute-cat-santa-vector-background
    Cute Cat Santa Vector Background
  • Long-shadow-flat-christmas-vector-icons
    Long Shadow Flat Christmas Vector Icons
  • Seamless-education-pattern-vector
    Seamless Education Pattern Vector
  • Flat-education-vector-icons-pack
    Flat Education Vector Icons Pack
  • Cute-spring-vector-pack
    Cute Spring Vector Pack
  • Santa-and-reindeer-christmas-banner-vector-pack
    Santa and Reindeer Christmas Banner Vector Pack
  • Christmas-tree-landscape-banner-vector-pack
    Christmas Tree Landscape Banner Vector Pack
  • Winking-reindeer-banner-vector-pack
    Winking Reindeer Banner Vector Pack
  • Apple-vector-pattern-pack
    Apple Vector Pattern Pack
  • Cartoon-animal-vector-pack
    Cartoon Animal Vector Pack