Free Vector Christmas Icons

Various Christmas representative elements. Download and enjoy!

Free Vector Christmas Icons

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  1. Missing

    thank you

  2. Missing

    Seriously, CS5? My work just got me CS4!

  3. Missing

    it's very nice! thanks

  4. Missing

    Nice work!!! Keep it up!

  5. Missing

    great works!

  6. Yomc

    just incredible! thanks!

  7. Yes guys, as Bori Said, this file is done in CS5, you'll be able to open it on that version. Cheers!

  8. Missing

    cs5 people, cs5...

  9. ?height=50&width=50

    Couldn't open it either. Just shows text in CS4.

  10. Face

    seems this file wasn't saved correctly? I couldn't open with illustrator cs4..