Today we’re going to be learning how to use vectors downloaded from Vecteezy for merchandise or promotional product usage. While you’re allowed to use vector images from Veceezy on merchandise or promotional products like t-shirts, mugs, and magnets for example, you cannot simply download an image and use it in its original form.

Incorrect Usage

To use vectors from Vecteezy on a product you plan to sell, the image must be modified to create an all new image or design. You’ll need to make changes to the artwork before you’re able to use it.

In this example, we’ve downloaded a vector image of several leaves (shown below).

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Vector Leaves

And we’ve used them in an all new image that we created.

Good Example

Tips to make unique artwork:

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  • Modify sizes
  • Modify colors
  • Modify placements
  • Remove or add elements

Changing those kinds of attributes within a vector image is the best way to make an all-new image unique and one that can then be used on merchandise and promotional products.

If you’re looking to use a Vecteezy vector image on merchandise or promotional products, ask yourself this simple question: Is your artwork clearly discernable from the original? If so, you should be fine to use it. If not, you’ll need to make changes to your artwork until it’s unique.


Example of incorrect usage, since the file has not been changed.


Example of correct usage. The vector was used to create a new image.

Vecteezy offers images and licenses for all of your merchandise and promotional needs. You can see details related to the licensing options to determine what works best for you. Then get started by searching for vectors to use with your next promotional project.

Good luck on your creative journey!