In order to maximize your success and your earnings with stock photos, you’ll need to provide users with the types of photos they’re searching for. It’s not just about taking beautiful photos, it’s about taking the right photos. The good news is, we can use historical search and download data to see the types of photos that consistently generate interest.

This list should provide you with some ideas you can use to ensure that you’re capturing the types of images Vecteezy users need. You shouldn’t feel limited or restricted only to these options, but be sure your portfolio includes plenty of these proven types of photos.

Authentic Lifestyle Photos


Photo by gaudilab

Photos of people are always in demand. This includes images of individuals as well as groups in all different types of settings. Showcase people participating in a variety of activities like drinking a cup of coffee, talking on the phone, exercising, and more.

No one wants a photo that looks posed and phony. Users are looking for photos featuring people that have a genuine, authentic look. They want photos that have a custom or original feel rather than something that was obviously downloaded from a stock photo website. Aim for authenticity and you’re sure to create images users love.

Photos of Families


Photo by Nontanun Chaiprakon

Family photos can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Ideally, these photos should also feel more candid than posed. Portray families having fun and spending time together in any number of different ways. It could be a family hike, playing together at the beach, playing games, or celebrating holidays.

You can capture photos of the entire family, one parent with a child, siblings together, or any combination. When you’re working with models, be sure to take a wide variety of different shots while you have everyone together.

Business Photos


Photo by Paul Friesen

Businesses often need images for marketing purposes, and as a result, photos of people working in an office are in high demand. Those that celebrate diversity in the workplace are particularly useful.

Photos of people working from home are also in demand, especially now that more people are working remotely. Aside from just using a home office as a setting, you can also photograph people working from coffee shops, working outdoors, or other places.

When you’re taking business photos, be sure to consider the clothes your models are wearing. Some users will be looking for photos that display a professional look while others will be looking for people dressed more casually. It’s a good idea to include a variety so users can find exactly what they want.

Epic Landscapes and Travel Photos


Photo by souvenirpixels

You’ll need very high-quality photos in order to stand out in the landscape and travel categories, but if you’re up to the task, the rewards can be big. Everyone loves a beautiful nature photo and amazing travel photos are guaranteed to inspire wanderlust.

Be sure to use titles and keywords effectively, because many users will be searching for specific locations or subjects. See our article on keywording tips for some best practices that will help to maximize the exposure for your photos.

Aerial Photos


Photo by rabbit75 ist

One way to create unique photos that are sure to be noticed is to focus on aerial photos taken with a drone. Since drones are more affordable than ever, this is a realistic option for any photographer. Demand for aerials is also increasing, so this represents a great opportunity.

Still Life Photos

Still Life

Photo by angellover_ann783476

Photos of flowers, a mug of coffee, or a keyboard and other objects on a desk are always popular. Flat lay photos of objects on a desk or table are especially popular and useful. Think about objects that are culturally relevant and can be used for a variety of projects. It can also be helpful to include some negative space that customers can use for inserting text on the photo if needed.

Food Photos


Photo by Marko Klaric

Photos of food are useful for websites and blogs, social media images, menus, and many forms of marketing.

There are endless possibilities here with countless different types of food and many ways to display it. Add some variety in the types of food, the plates or dishes that are used, the table, and the angle or perspective. You can also take close-ups to show texture and detail. Photos from above looking down at the food on a table are very popular right now.

Animal Photos


Photo by Adrianna Calvo

Dogs, cats, and other pets are popular subjects and are useful for a wide range of purposes. You can capture photos of just the pet or also include the pet’s owner in the photo.

Wildlife photos depicting animals in nature are also in demand. Quality wildlife photos are more difficult to shoot and will require some planning and patience, but you’ll come away with images that many other photographers will not be able to duplicate.

Textures and Backgrounds


Photo by kjtmphotonew777953

Close-up photos of wood planks, brick walls, leaves, plants, and other textures and often used for backgrounds. Designers also use them for applying depth to their own creations in Photoshop or other design software.

Textures are all around us, so there are potential subjects everywhere. If you’re ever wondering what you can photograph, textures are an ideal option since they’re so easy to find.


One of the keys to success with stock photography is taking the right kinds of photos. We’ve listed nine options that are always in demand. By focusing on these types of images, you’ll be able to get your photos in front of more customers, get more downloads, and earn more money for your effort.

For a detailed look at how to make money, please see 7 Steps to Success as a Vecteezy Contributor.

Lead image by Timonko.