One of the best ways to maximize your income as a Vecteezy contributor is to focus on specific seasons, holidays, and events. You can create vectors, stock photos, and stock videos that our customers will download when they’re looking for appropriate content for these specific dates and seasons.

The best way to be effective with your seasonal or holiday resources is to plan ahead. Designers and brands will be working in advance, so if your resources aren’t ready in time, you’ll be missing out on potential income. We recommend that you create seasonal and holiday resources at least 90 days in advance. Of course, you can also work further in advance if you’re able to.

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With that in mind, we’ve created this list of days, seasons, and events to help you plan ahead. At any time throughout the year, you can check this page to see what you should be designing each month.

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Content to Create in January

Content to Create in February

Content to Create in March

Content to Create in April

Content to Create in May

  • Pakistan celebrates it’s platinum (75th) Independence Day – August 14
  • India celebrates it’s platinum (75th) Independence Day – August 15
  • Back to School – Late August / Early September

Content to Create in June

Content to Create in July

Content to Create in August

Content to Create in September

Content to Create in October

Content to Create in November

Content to Create in December

When you’re uploading your seasonal or holiday content, be sure to use titles and keywords that include the words visitors are most likely to be searching for. See our article on keywording tips to learn more. You may also be interested in these articles that can help you to make more money with Vecteezy: