The Vecteezy contributor program is a great way for designers and creatives to earn passive income with vectors, stock photos, and stock videos. Thousands of contributors are currently earning money each month.

Regardless of whether you’re already a contributor or just getting started, you’ll want your resources to get as much exposure as possible in order to maximize your income.

Vecteezy provides plenty of opportunities to get your resources in front of millions of visitors each month, and there are some specific actions you can take to get even more exposure for your profile.

Before we cover the specific tips for gaining exposure, it’s important to be sure that your Vecteezy contributor profile is completely filled out. After your account is created, you should set your username, upload a profile picture, enter a short bio, and add links to your social networks (read 7 Steps to Success as a Vecteezy Contributor for more details).

A complete profile will look much more attractive when visitors arrive. Additionally, we frequently share contributor profiles through our social networks, in emails to users, and in blog posts, and we’re more likely to share profiles that are complete.

1. Use Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords Effectively

When you upload resources to Vecteezy, you’ll need to enter a title, description, and keywords. This metadata helps our search engine to show the most relevant results when a user searches for something on our site. The metadata also influences where your vectors/photos/videos may be shown as related resources. As a result, metadata can have a huge impact on the visibility of your resources.

It can be tempting to rush through the process of creating titles, descriptions, and keywords when you’re uploading files, but by putting some thought into it, you can get more exposure for your resources and ultimately make more money. Please see our article on keywording tips for a more detailed look at this topic.

2. Upload More Resources

If you want more exposure for your resources at Vecteezy, one of the best ways to make it happen is to upload more resources. Maybe you already have some vectors, photos, or videos that you’ve never uploaded. If so, this can be a great way to get more exposure and more downloads with a minimal time investment on your part. If you don’t have other existing resources to upload, creating new resources can be equally effective.

While the quality of your resources is certainly important, more resources will give you more opportunities for exposure. Our highest-earning contributors have hundreds of resources in their portfolio.

3. Create More Resources Like Your Most Popular Ones

When you’re logged in to your contributor dashboard, you’ll be able to see how many times each resource has been downloaded during a specified period of time. Take a few minutes to see which files are accounting for the highest number of downloads. Do you see particular patterns or specific types of resources that are obviously appreciated by users?

Once you’ve learned which resources and the types of resources that are generating the most downloads, use that data to your advantage by creating more resources that will appeal to the same users. If something is working for you, take advantage of that opportunity by building more resources around that theme or keyword.

4. Share Your Resources on Social Networks

One of the easiest and most effective ways to start getting more exposure for your resources is to share them through your own social profiles.

It’s easy to share any of your Vecteezy resources on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Each resource page includes a share icon just below the orange download button. Simply visit a resource page, click on the share icon, and share it at the networks where you’re active. Each time you share an item, a link to the resource page will be included.


You’re not limited to simply sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can also manually share the resources at the other social networks where you’re active. Platforms like Dribbble and others that target designers are also excellent options since you’ll get your resources in front of a highly-targeted audience.

5. Link To Your Vecteezy Profile From Your Blog or Website

Many creatives have blogs or portfolio websites, and if that’s the case for you, you can include a link to your Vecteezy profile from your blog or website. You could add a link from your About page, your sidebar, your footer, wherever you link to your social profiles, and even within the content of your blog posts whenever it’s relevant.

These types of links can send high-quality traffic to your Vecteezy profile because the visitors are probably very interested in what you have to offer if they’re clicking through from your own site.

6. Include Your Top Resources in Your Design Portfolio

In addition to the linking options mentioned in the previous point, you can also include specific items from your Vecteezy profile within your design portfolio, and of course, include a link to the resource page at Vecteezy.

This can be done with a portfolio site at your own domain, and it can also be done if you use third-party sites like Behance to showcase your work. This is a great way to get more exposure and downloads for your top items.


Photo by maximkostenko

7. Email Signature Link

You may already use an email signature that includes a link to your own website. If you add a link to your Vecteezy profile in the signature link, it can drive high-quality traffic to your resources. This tip takes just a minute to implement, and that signature link will continue to promote for you every time you send an email.

Along the same lines, you can also add a link to your Vecteezy profile wherever you link to your own website. For example, you could add your Vecteezy profile URL to your business card along with the URL of your own portfolio website.

8. Respond to Calls for Content

We’re committed to helping our contributors earn more money, and one of the ways we do that is through monthly calls for content. Each month we send an email and publish a blog post with suggestions regarding specific types of resources that are most in-demand by our users.

The types of resources that we suggest in these calls for content may be based on current trends, upcoming holidays, seasonal demand, or types of resources that are underserved in our current library. In any case, we’re suggesting contributors create these types of resources because we know there is, or will be, demand from our users.

If you respond to the monthly calls for content by creating the types of resources that we suggest, you’re likely to benefit from increased exposure once you have these resources that users are actively searching for.

9. Create Collections

Vecteezy users and contributors are able to create collections and save specific resources to a collection. To get more exposure, create collections of your own resources based on themes, styles, or types of resources (this is especially useful for contributors that have uploaded a large number of resources).

When visitors arrive at your contributor profile, they’ll be able to view your collections, and those collections may help them to find a number of resources that they download. Likewise, you can also share links to your collections through your social profiles or from your website/blog.

To create a collection, go to one of your resource pages and click on the bookmark icon below the orange download button. You’ll be able to create a name for your new collection and then you can add all of your appropriate resources to the collection. When you create the collection, be sure that you uncheck the box that says “Keep this collection private”. If that box is checked, visitors will not be able to see your collection.


If you want to increase the visibility of your resources and make more money through the Vecteezy contributor program, try implementing these tips. And if you don’t have a contributor account yet, you can sign up here.

Lead image by l-house