Cute Puffy Animals

A vector set of eight different cute animals. Free for any use. Hope you like it :}

Copyright: yurike11

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Cute Puffy Animals

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  1. ?height=50&width=50

    OWWW!!! so great! i love it! Thanks!

  2. Missing

    excellent bro...thx

  3. Me

    Holy CUTE ATTACK! Super awesome!

  4. Mimi_web

    too cuuuuuuute !! ;-)

  5. Missing

    i love it!!! i going to use this for gifts for my friends this christmas

  6. Screen_shot_2010-12-09_at_10.12.32_am

    thanx so nice!!!, i used for my cousin bday

  7. Missing

    Too cute!!! Thank you :D

  8. Pp

    Thanks! Of course, go ahead and use them :) I'm glad this could be useful for you.

  9. Missing

    ooooh they are sooo cute! I would love to use them for my childrens photography albums I am selling to my clients. would that be possible? thanks so much for sharing this!!

  10. Pp

    I'm glad you liked it!

  11. 200806231348091744281821

    I like!

  12. Pp

    Thanks! Aww...that's lovely. I'm glad that these vectors are helpful for you. Happy birthday to your son. Wish him all the best :)

  13. 4739_85530061027_564341027_1920221_7318523_n

    These are SO cute!!! I used them on my son's 1st birthday invitations =) Thanks for sharing and inspiring the invitations!!