Minimal Retro Pack

Inspired by Mad Men, the t.v. show. I wanted to create simple, free vector graphics for everyone to play around with. These is my first time releasing vector graphics, so feel free to give me any feedback or tips if you have them. Cheers! Ellipsis
Minimal Retro Pack

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    hey guys , can i use them in my android game or app ??

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    These are great! Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Super cute!

  4. Cool! I like Mad Men too! :D keep up the good work and visit my page if you like!

  5. Eu

    Looks good! Thumbs up!

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    thank you

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    Thank You :)

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    Thank You.

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    useful ! thanks

  13. Updated!

  14. Missing

    I adore them.. Thank you! A kitchen table and toaster with toast popping out would be great too.. Much appreciation to you. !:)

  15. Thank you. :)

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    I love it, simple and cool!

  17. Rly? That's strange, send me your email info at [email protected] , I'll resend it for you.

    I just dl and double checked, it's there. I opened using CS3 AND CS4, what version do you have?

  18. Missing

    Looks awesome but when I open the ai file the page is blank. Can you please help? Thank you!

  19. Happy to provide, you're welcome!

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    LOVE these! Very simple but so cool :)