Vector Dots and Halftone Pattern

Here are a few vector dotted patterns and a half tone pattern for you to use for your personal work. If you want to use commercially I just ask that you make a small donation to paypal and show me what you made!


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dots halftone Pattern

Vector Dots and Halftone Pattern

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    where do I donate to payal for commercial use?

  2. Airwolf

    very useful thanks for this.

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    These are quite handy as well:

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    esse site e lagal

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    thanks i was loocking for, you are a lover

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    thank a lot

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    i\it's great

  9. Dscf8640_copy_copy_800x600_

    cool tnx :)

  10. Poco

    helloo! would like to donate to payapl, but where is it eggzactly?

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    tnx its really nice

  13. Alx

    It is great

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    Thank you.

  15. Bl_a_wh_me

    thanks for this!