Free Floral Wallpaper

Hey designers! Today we’re posting free floral vectors reminiscent of old wallpaper. There are four vectors in all. Two main floral designs as well as two grungy variations.

Free Floral Wallpaper

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  1. 001

    It's very beautiful,thanks for sharing.

  2. Great vector shapes gomedia :) I like it
    Carried in Cruzine:

  3. Missing

    thank you kindly **-**

  4. Missing

    Very pretty! Thank you :D

  5. Robert_at_okemo

    So nice of you to share...much thanks! Great stuff!

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  7. 8-en


  8. Foto_155


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    I must admit I like brushes like these for decorating my invitations and letter etc. thank you for your creativity

  10. Hb-4