Free vector Old styled car

This vector file is available for editing only in Illustrator CS +. I left some effects without changes, so you can understand how to make this picture. Ellipsis
Free vector Old styled car

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  1. Dscf00369999

    Thanks a lot !!

  2. Missing

    TY! Love this~

  3. Missing

    Amazing vector graphic... how did you do that? Unbelievable!! It looks like a 3D rendering oder a perfectly retouched photo...

  4. Missing

    That looks amazing! It's hard to find nice looking car graphics, and you have done a fantastic job! Thanks!

  5. Missing

    That amazing! Very talented.

  6. Missing

    Congrats!!!! AMAZING JOB!

  7. Img_4503

    it's really goooooooooooooood!

  8. Missing

    Great skill nice

  9. Missing

    I signed up for an account just so I could say wow! I wish i could vectorize like that.

  10. Shutterstock-photographer


  11. jeje almost guess that car... jeje nice build to hotrod.

    hotrod tunner...

  12. Myface-200


  13. Myface-200

    That is DE SOTO 4WD

  14. amazing man... ** :D n what it this ... hmm ford 1934? nice for hot rod.
    nice work.

  15. Amazing!!! thanks ^o^

  16. _4


  17. Missing

    very nice

  18. Missing

    sio bon!!

  19. Brandi

    Georgous, incredible work, thanks for sharing it.

  20. Missing

    is a great work!!! thanks

  21. Crestock-229814-2560x1600

    wow nice work

  22. Mandoluxasiana031600_copy


  23. 126


  24. Fantastic work!
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Bear

    Beautiful !!!

  26. La_photo_mini

    Amazing one!

  27. Charecter1

    wow...really2 goog

  28. Moi

    really cool stuff..

  29. R_brackets


  30. Brilliant, it looks very real.

  31. ?height=50&width=50

    Amazing attention to detail! Thanks for sharing this with us :D