As 2021 comes to a close, it’s time to look forward to 2022! We’re excited to share our thoughts on some current and upcoming trends that will help you to create your best work throughout the coming year.  Staying on top of industry trends is an essential part of being a creative professional, and we’d like to help prepare you for what’s ahead. To do that, we’ll share some of the top trends we’ve seen and others that we expect to impact the world of stock video throughout 2022.

Our content team reviews thousands of video clips each day, providing them with a unique perspective to see trends as they develop. We’ve worked with members of our content team to key in on the most significant current trends. We’ve also analyzed search and download data from Vecteezy users to know exactly what our visitors and customers are looking for. With that in mind, here are the stock video trends we expect to dominate the next year.

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Stock Video Trends for 2022


Sustainability and other environmentally-focused topics are becoming increasingly important. A growing number of businesses are taking steps to become more energy-efficient and eco-friendly in their practices. As a result, this is being reflected in marketing trends.

With more businesses looking to incorporate sustainability into their marketing efforts, the demand for appropriate stock footage is exploding. In 2021, the number of downloads at Vecteezy for “sustainability” and related searches increased by 89.3% compared to 2020. We expect this trend to continue as businesses look to incorporate environmentally-friendly messages by using quality stock footage.

Key search terms: sustainability, wind power, solar panel, recycle, organic farm, environment, renewable

Sustainability Stock Video
Sustainability Stock Video
Sustainability Stock Video


Inclusivity is another topic that experienced massive growth at Vecteezy throughout the past year. Downloads from searches for “inclusivity” and related terms increased by 101% year-over-year.

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As our culture comes to terms with how poorly diversity has been represented in the past, it’s so important that we highlight inclusivity as a staple in video content and not a trend.

We’re thrilled to see stock video clips (and the demand for them) include people who have been marginalized or overlooked in marketing messages and communication previously. The impetus is on all creators to represent a spectrum of people, and we don’t see this changing anytime soon.

Key search terms: inclusivitydiversity, disabled, equality

Inclusivity Stock Video
Inclusivity Stock Video
Inclusivity Stock Video


Video games and mobile games continue to increase in popularity. Additional time at home and indoors during the pandemic led many people to try new hobbies, or back to old hobbies, including gaming.

Stock videos of people playing games on a console, tablet, or smartphone are in high demand. At Vecteezy, we saw a 48% increase in downloads in 2021 for gaming and video game content compared to 2020.

Contributors, remember to avoid logos and trademarks so your clips can be used commercially, which will lead to more downloads and more money.

Key search terms: gaming, games, gamer, video game, mobile gaming

Gaming Stock Video
Gaming Stock Video
Gaming Stock Video


The past two years have been challenging for everyone. Despite those difficulties, there’s great hope and optimism for the future. Most businesses are looking to incorporate video clips that promote optimism and encourage good feelings.

In 2021, Vecteezy searches for “optimism” and related terms resulted in 66.3% more downloads than the previous year. We expect this trend to continue as brands produce marketing materials that showcase happy people smiling, having fun, and enjoying life with their loved ones.

Key search terms: optimism, happy, fun, joy, hope, hopeful

Optimism Stock Video
Optimism Stock Video
Optimism Stock Video


Retro and vintage design styles always seem popular while other trends come and go. Based on the thousands of videos they’ve reviewed, our content team has pointed to nostalgia as one of the stock video trends they expect to gain even more momentum in 2022. Of course, there are many ways to feature nostalgia in your content, with some examples provided below.

Key search terms: nostalgia, nostalgic, retro, vintage, antique, memory

Woman with retro camera
Vinyl Record Player
Friends Driving in an Old Van

Virtual Meetings

Remote work has become commonplace during the past two years. As a result, virtual meetings and video conference calls are now a part of daily life for millions of workers, and most companies would have a hard time functioning without this technology.

With an increasing number of businesses relying on remote workers, the trends related to business stock photos and videos have changed. And since it looks like remote work is here to stay, the demand for this content should remain strong.

While there are several ways to showcase remote workers in stock video clips, one of the most popular options is to present workers participating in virtual meetings.

Key search terms: virtual meeting, remote work, conference, video call

Virtual Meeting
Virtual Meeting
Virtual Meeting

Selfies in Action

As smartphones and social media became fixtures in everyday life, so did selfies. With the popularity of platforms like Instagram continuing to increase, and with influencer marketing becoming a common promotional method for businesses, the need for video clips of people taking selfies has increased.

Stock footage of people taking selfies can be used in many industries like travel, entertainment, fashion, dieting & fitness, and more.

Key search terms: selfie, taking selfie, group selfie, couple selfie, friends selfie

Man Taking a Selfie
3 Friends Taking a Selfie
Woman taking a selfie

Data Visualization

Searches for “data visualization” and related terms led to 21.7% more downloads in 2021 than 2020. Businesses and marketers are looking for stock video footage showcasing different types and aspects of data visualization. This visual representation of information can be accomplished in many ways, and businesses can use the clips in a wide range of industries.

We look for this trend to continue in 2022. With online content continuing to move towards more video, we anticipate a growing demand for clips that involve data visualization in some way.

Key search terms: data visualization, network, technology, analytics, digital

Fingerprint technology
Data visualization
Data visualization on a screen

Social Media

While social media has been a part of everyday life for years, we saw a huge jump in searches and downloads for this content in 2021. Vecteezy downloads that started with searches for “social media” and related terms increased by 130.3% in 2021 compared to 2020. With the growing demand for online video, businesses and marketers will need stock clips related to social media.

There are many different possibilities for contributors. For example, you can create videos to be used on social media platforms, or you can showcase people using social media on their devices. Remember to avoid logos and other trademarks so customers can use your footage commercially.

Key search terms: social media, using social media, social media likes, influencer, influencer marketing

Woman looking at smartphone
Social Media Animation
Woman photographing her coffee


Family relationships and friendships seem more important now than ever before. As a result, businesses want to show people spending time with loved ones as a part of their marketing message.

Our content team points out togetherness as a growing trend that they’re observing from our contributors and customers. So stock video clips of friends and families being together, supporting each other, and having fun will continue to be in high demand going forward.

Key search terms: togetherness, together, teamwork, family, unity

Two friends laughing
Family Together at Home
Family Dancing

Final Thoughts on Stock Video Trends for 2022

We’ve observed these trends based on data and predictions by our team of industry experts. So if you’re a designer or marketer, keep these trends in mind as you’re searching for clips to use in your work. And if you’re a Vecteezy contributor, knowing the trends and understanding what people are looking for can have a profound impact on your success.