It’s time to close the book on 2020 and look ahead to the new year that’s in front of us. If you’re a videographer or a marketer, it’s important to understand current trends related to the use of video.

One of the big changes at Vecteezy in 2020 was the addition of stock videos. Based on the events of 2020 and what we’re seeing in the industry and the world around us, there are certain trends that we anticipate for 2021 when it comes to the use of stock video.

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a memorable year that brought a lot of unexpected challenges. Many of the trends that we expect to see in 2021 have been impacted in some way by the events of 2020 and trends that have developed throughout the year. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the trends that we anticipate for video content in 2021 (with examples that are available at Vecteezy).

1. Good Times

With 2020 being a difficult year for so many people, we expect that positivity will be welcomed and appreciated in 2021. This year we saw a significant increase for searches including terms like “happy”, “fun”, and “excited.” Videos that depict people having fun and enjoying life will connect with viewers who are looking to experience more fun and enjoyment in the coming years. This could include videos of individuals, groups of friends, families. etc.

Businesses looking to present messages of hope and optimism can turn to stock video clips of people enjoying good times. Marketers should keep this trend in mind for campaigns and for assistance in choosing the right content. If you create stock videos, this presents an excellent opportunity to produce content that will be in demand.

2. Freedom

The concept of freedom always resonates with viewers. In 2020, we saw more than a 200% increase in searches related to freedom as compared to 2019. Throughout the past year, many of us have felt a lack of freedom to get out and experience life as usual, so regaining freedom will be important.

There are many different ways that freedom can be depicted in videos, including clips of beaches, forests, and clouds. Consider aerials that showcase amazing nature from a spectacular angle.

3. Wonder

In 2020, searches by Vecteezy users for terms around wonder increased by as much as 350% compared to the previous year. While photos and videos of nature are commonly used by designers and marketers, we anticipate an increase in demand for truly epic videos that showcase the wonders of nature. Examples would include scenes with starry night skies and timelapse videos that demonstrate the beauty of changes in nature.

4. Health and Physical Exercise

During 2020, we saw an increase in exercise at home or outside since many gyms were closed at times. Creativity was essential for those who had disruptions to their normal routines. At the same time, search volume on Vecteezy for terms related to health and exercise was increasing.

Health has also been a big concern for obvious reasons. As we look forward to 2021, we know that health will continue to be at the forefront of the minds of consumers around the world. We believe that stock videos related to health and exercise will be needed by brands and marketers in order to connect with viewers.

5. Cinematic Portraits

We love cinematic portraits, and we know that consumers love them too. A cinematic portrait is essentially just a portrait in video format instead of photo format. While a still photo shows a moment frozen in time, video provides the opportunity to facilitate a better and more personal connection. You can see laughter, a smile, and feel eye contact from a person rather than just a still photo.

We’ve seen strong demand for cinematic portraits since stock videos were added to our site in 2020. Brands will look to make use of cinematic portraits more in 2021. For videographers, this presents the perfect opportunity to create brief clips that will be useful for a wide variety of different purposes.

6. Technology

Technology is at the forefront of our lives, and it’s continuously evolving. Our smartphones have become permanent fixtures, and wearable tech is no longer just a novelty seen online. Durning 2020, Vecteezy users demonstrated strong demand for videos featuring technology and devices, especially those involving everyday use by real people.

Whether it’s texting teens, athletes with smartwatches, people using tablets for work, or people immersed in VR, we’re looking for footage that demonstrates life in the 21st century and beyond.

7. Love & Family Bonds

Connections with family and friends are always important and depictions of these bonds can help brands and marketers to connect with viewers. When we see images and videos reflecting these strong family bonds, we naturally think about the people who are important in our own lives.

During 2020, we saw an increase in search volume for words and terms related to love and family. We expect that stock videos of couples and families will be in high demand throughout 2021. Brands and marketers will be searching for these powerful videos, so videographers can get ahead by creating them now.

8. Comfort & Security

We all long to feel safe and secure. That’s nothing new, but it may be more relevant now than ever. Coming off a tumultuous year, everyone is eager for more comfort and security.

Throughout the past year, search volume on Vecteezy has been on the rise for phrases involving comfort and security. Videos that showcase comfort and security will be used in marketing and communications extensively in 2021.


If you’re a marketer, it’s important to keep current trends in mind when you’re selecting the content, including videos, to use in your advertisements and communications.

For video creators, the ability to identify trends allows you to produce videos that will be relevant and will meet the needs of people searching for videos. Of course, that leads to more downloads and more income.

Whether you’re creating stock videos or selecting clips to use within your marketing, keep these trends in mind in order to maximize your success in 2021.