Retro design styles are trending, and one way to add a retro feel is to make use of glitch effects. Older technology like VHS was more susceptible to glitches and distortions than modern technology, so when glitches appear now, it provides a nostalgic feel.

Today, glitch art makes intentional use of these effects for creative purposes (think of a horror movie that uses a glitch effect to create emotion). Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro make it possible to give photos, graphics, and videos a retro feel with the addition of a glitch. Of course, this is not an approach that you’ll use all the time, but in the right situation, it can have a big impact.

Here at Vecteezy, we have a number of resources that can be used to easily create glitch effects. All of the images that you see in this article are Vecteezy resources that can be downloaded (some are free and others are Pro). Click on any of the images and you’ll be led to the download page for that resource.

Colored Static

While there are several different ways that glitch effects appear, one of the most common situations involves colored static. If you’re looking to recreate the look of colored static that might have appeared on a TV or from an error with a VHS, use backgrounds like the ones below to speed up your design process.

Vector glitch pattern by Horvath Zoltan


Those of us who are old enough can certainly remember watching television and experiencing some random distortion. Now, you might intentionally duplicate the look for creative effect.

This vector file is perfect for creating distorted text. Just arrange the letters to achieve the text that you want and you’ll have an awesome effect very quickly.


Old TV sets may have been prone to visual scan lines. This effect can be replicated with text, photos, or video to get that retro feel.

This line effect can also be recreated pretty easily with Photoshop or Illustrator, and you can use the resources below to get awesome results very quickly. These vector files are ideal for creating interesting lettering sets. Enter your own text and you’ll be able to get great results with the help of these files.

Glitch Text Effect by be young

Modern Glitch Font Effect

Modern Glitch Font Effect by akhmadmunir29

Other Useful Resources for Glitch Effects

This set of triangle vectors is great for use in creating posters, backgrounds, and other designs. Creating this effect from scratch would take some time, but this file makes it quick and easy.

This text effect doesn’t include the color distortion, but it does use lines to create a glitch effect.

Use this resource to create nice vector banners that showcase glitch effects with a great color scheme.

Here is another background that you can use. This one is a seamless vector pattern that has a typical distorted look.

The glitch effect is a unique look that originated from dated technology, and it’s made a major comeback in modern design trends. The resources showcased in this article can help achieve a glitch effect in your artwork, and you can find more in our full library. Think about projects or situations where this type of effect may be an excellent choice in your work.