We’re looking for content that captures representation

Note: This is an on-going series outlining creative opportunities for our contributor community that can lead to higher earnings. If you’re not already a Vecteezy contributor, you can create a contributor account here and start making money from your creative work.

As we grow the breadth and depth of the Vecteezy collection, we encourage our contributors to focus on a broader range of individual expression, especially where your visuals are focused on people, characters, and personalities.

Representation in visual culture provides an equitable space and offers support, opportunity and freedom for all individuals to participate in the narrative. Vecteezy contributors can help build out this space and a greater feeling of inclusion across marketing, advertising and design industries, by growing our collection in this important and meaningful way.

As you create, it’s important that you consider a wide range of ages, races, genders, body shapes, sexual orientations, and ability levels. Embrace the spectrum of human diversity in a way that captures elements of authenticity, individuality, and reality.

We recognize this is a challenging request so we’ve provided specific suggestions across each of the various content types (photos, vectors, and video) to help you target a theme to focus on.

Read on for tips on specific content we need.



Female Hands Showing Word Vote Sign Language by nightwolddezines


Racial equity has been a major point of discussion lately and it’s no surprise that searches that illustrate diversity have been on the rise. We are looking for authentic designs that portray all types of ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and skin tones. Topics and keywords to keep in mind are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), racial equality, social issues, and multiculturalism.



Mother tucking in son at bedtime by cinematic_stock


There is an unending need for candid, authentic footage, and it’s not slowing down. Seek to create stock footage that emulates real humans, real human experience, natural authenticity, and organic movements. Consider two friends from different backgrounds conversing and laughing candidly, a precious moment between a parent and child or a pedestrian walking through a bustling city with lens flares hitting the camera. Avoid making your clips look staged or posed. No matter what project a customer needs footage for, they want it to be believable and realistic.



Happy business man dances while he listens to the music by Volodymyr Ivash

Everyday Activities

We can’t say it enough – we love seeing amazing photos of people doing normal, everyday activities. As Contributors to Vecteezy, you can help us more accurately reflect what the world looks like by submitting images that feature unique people engaging in everyday activities like hanging out at home, working, learning at school, shopping, cooking, playing, and so on. While the activities you capture should be relatable, we also invite you to think outside the box with both color and composition to help your photos stand out from the crowd. One final note – remember to get those model releases squared away so we can include your work in our commercial collection!

Lead image by djvstockpro