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Last year in their Future Workforce Report, Upwork, a US-based freelancing platform, surveyed 1,000+ hiring managers to get their perspective on remote work and the broader acceptance and benefits that come with a remote workforce. At the time, 62% of respondents believed that their workforce would be more remote in the future, than before the COVID-19 pandemic. With no commute times, reduced meetings, and fewer distractions, remote work has some real benefits to both employees and organizations. With over half of respondents (56%) surveyed saying that working remotely had exceeded their expectations in terms of productivity and flexibility, it’s not hard to imagine more organizations adopting permanent work-from-home policies.

With the hybrid work movement firmly entrenched in various industries and fully remote work taking hold, it’s important for Vecteezy to adjust our visuals and add content to our collection that includes current and relevant examples of work environments and business practices.

When seeking inspiration for this trend we encourage our contributors to consider their own work environment and how it may have changed over the last 18 months. What does your work setup look like now? How have you had to adapt your communication style and method? Think about those ideas as you develop a plan to create remote work content. Also, we’ve outlined a number of trends specific to vectors, photos, and video, which you can find below. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Below is the specific content we need in August.


Remote Work Vector

Vector by Krerksak Woraphoomi

It’s not hard to see all the benefits that working from home can bring; skipping on commuting time, saving money on gas, restaurants, dry cleaning, and new clothes, more flexibility and time spent with family and friends. On the flip side, WFH can present some challenges like no physical separation between work and leisure time, loneliness, boredom, or even finding space for your home office in a place other than the dining room table. We would like to see these pros & cons of working from home in your designs. Be creative with your executions but do not lose sight of reality during the conception stage.

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Remote Work Photo

Photo by halfpoint

While prior to last year, many people may have imagined working remotely to be almost like a vacation, most of us know now it can be more like literally balancing children and laptops than a trip to the beach. We’ve adapted and many have thrived. For a lot of the workforce, remote work (at least some of the time) is here to stay. What does that look like for families with young children, elderly parents, and pets at home? What does it look like for jet-setter types who may indeed take their laptop to the beach, or who live and work in tiny city apartments? Visually, there’s a lot to explore with environments and spaces, people and relationships, travel and technology, that could convey working remotely. Try creating a series (at least 3 photos) of images that could be used together to tell a bigger story about remote work.


Remote Work Video

Video by cinematic_stock

No longer just for freelancers and contract employees, working remotely has become a widely accepted practice. It definitely has its advantages, since workers can set up shop wherever they can find a wifi signal! We’d love to see footage of the many different ways people work remotely, both in the type of work they’re doing and the location. We’re seeking authentic footage of the numerous creative ways people find to work remotely and work from home. Think of some unique locations (parks, vacation spots, coffee shops, etc.) and try to portray the workflow as realistically as possible.

Lead image by jacoblund.