We’re looking for content related to exercise and technology

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As large segments of the global population remain indoors to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus, many of us have turned to our daily exercise or fitness regimens to help to break up the day or provide temporary relief as we cope with our home-based lifestyles. Our search and download data is showing that the demand for content related to fitness is growing dramatically, which makes sense given the time of year and the current state of affairs. While pushups and situps are still a great way to stay in shape, new fitness technology and innovations are capturing the curiosity and interest of consumers looking for something different from their workout routines.

One example of this is the stationary bike company Peloton, similar to spin classes but in your own home on a bike connected to wi-fi. The company currently broadcasts 10 to 14 “live” cycling classes a day (more than 90 a week) and boasts 3.1M+ paid members. As virtual fitness classes have exploded over the last year, Peloton has added yoga classes, strength classes, and other exercise routines to their calendars, in addition to stationary cycling.

Also making some waves last year in the fitness industry was Oculus and VR (Virtual Reality) studio Within, who released a new fitness application called Supernatural – another good example of innovation in an industry heavily disrupted by the pandemic. Supernatural offers personalized workouts, coaching, and a gamified exercise routine experience — all set in stunning VR landscapes.

As you think about what to create this month, consider these two examples of innovative fitness and research some of the recent advancements we’ve witnessed in the fitness industry. Ideally we’d like to see our creative community provide a number of visuals around these topics and themes over the next 4-6 weeks.

As always, we’ve analyzed customer searches and keywords across vecteezy.com and wish to highlight a few key themes and topics related to fitness, health, and wellness that we would like you to focus on as you create.

Below is the specific content we’re seeking for February.



Vector by Macrovector

The way in which people exercise and workout may never be the same. Many experts predict that even when it’s safe to go back to in-person sessions at the gym or studio, the general public will be hesitant. As fitness and exercise routines evolve, we’d like vector contributors to consider depicting people of all ages and ethnicities taking part in online fitness classes through their mobile device, laptop, or smart television, all from the comfort of their home.

Fitness within your home might also feature a VR headset or a stationary bicycle, dumbbells, or yoga mat. Be sure to be inclusive in your designs — all ages, body shapes, ability levels, and ethnicities are needed.



Video by wundervisuals

In the era of social distancing, fitness in and around the home is one of the only ways we can incorporate exercise into our daily lives. With the rise of smart watches and fitbits, people are able to closely follow their steps and heart rates to ensure they are on track.

As more customers request footage that reflects current day-to-day life, we’re in need of authentic clips of diverse people exercising in and around the home. That means stationary bikes, running on a treadmill at home, doing aerobics in the living room or even playing fitness video games with charging mats, VR headsets and other modern equipment. People are thinking outside the box to stay fit within the home, and we’d love to see footage that reflects that.



Photo by tidty33936976

In the global focus on personal and public health, the challenges of the past year have led to innovative ways to stay strong in both mind and body. In creating content, think how your images can reflect our world today, especially with the crossover between health and technology.

We are looking for authentic, candid images of diverse individuals and families participating in all types of fitness activities, both indoors and outdoors. Send us photos that tell visual stories of real people thriving at home in the living room or in nature. If these can incorporate tech devices in compelling and natural ways, composition that leaves space for copy, and bold invigorating colors, even better.

Don’t forget to include relevant keywords that help people find your images: fitness technology, home gym, smart gym, activity tracker, wearable technology, interactive equipment, workout app, virtual trainer, mindfulness, mental health, virtual reality exercise.

Lead image by jemastock.