NixVex Free Vector of Circular Op Art Patterns

A simple op art motif rotated a few tiles and mirrored in four quarters in Illistrator CS3. It sorta reminded me of a cross betwee Bridget Riley and early psychodelia.

Copyright: Nick2001

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NixVex Free Vector of Circular Op Art Patterns

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    hey que chimba de web

  2. Missing

    Hey! We are having a design contest and thought you might be interested.

  3. Baby

    Love the pattern and the play on depth... Thanks!

  4. Missing

    Gracias a los artistas, por compartir su arte!!!

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    es un material perfecto para diseñadores

  6. Khia__jackson

    Love love LOVE your patterns. Inspiring. Thank you!

  7. Omar

    good think

  8. Z1ox4esu

    navrack tedesch!!! alzevits dranft.

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  13. Nixvex

    Gracias Teo.... Muy apreciado!

  14. Avatar_teo

    que nivel que nivel de arte muy bueno