We’re excited to share that contributors can now use CSV sheets to upload metadata, both during FTP upload and on the Add Data page. This new feature allows contributors to save time and organize their data efficiently when uploading lots of files, leading to faster uploads and approval times for you! In this post, we’ll walk you through how to set up your CSV for uploading and call out the required data points in your sheet.

Step 1: Prepare your CSV file

  1. Download the example CSV file (attached to the bottom of this article and skip to step 3) or create a new CSV
  2. Add the column namesFilename, Title, Description, Keywords to the first four columns, in that order.
  3. Add your filenames to each row, under the first column named Filename and fill out the Title, Description, and Keywords , following the tips in the table below.
  4. Save your file as a .csv

Watch how to prepare your CSV file.

Column name Tips
  1. A filename is required for every row
  2. Filenames should be in the first column
  3. Spaces are not recommended in the filename for metadata to process correctly
  4. Filename extensions (i.e. .jpg, .mov, or .eps) should not be included if uploading via FTP. File extensions are optional if uploading via Add Data.
  5. Examples: Rock_Paper_Scissors_Flat_Icons, Abstract_Colored_Cubes_Background
  1. Titles are optional
  2. Titles should be in the second column
  3. Titles should follow our Metadata Guidelines
  4. Examples: Rock Paper Scissors Flat Icons, Abstract Colored Cubes Background
  1. Descriptions are optional
  2. Descriptions should be in the third column
  1. Keywords are optional
  2. Keywords should be in the fourth column
  3. Keywords should be separated by commas
  4. Keywords should follow our Metadata Guidelines
  5. Examples: abstract,icons,flat,rock,paper,scissors,background

Step 2: Upload your CSV file

There are two ways you can upload your file. You can upload a CSV with your source file(s) using FTP upload or after you upload your source file(s) from the Add Data page.

To upload a CSV with your source file(s) via FTP:

  1. Go to https://contributors.vecteezy.com/portfolio/upload
  2. Click on the FTP upload link
  3. Upload our files and CSV at the same time by following our FTP Upload Process

Watch how to upload a CSV with your source files via FTP.

To upload a CSV after you upload your source file(s) via Add Data:

  1. Go to https://contributors.vecteezy.com/portfolio/add_data
  2. Click on “Upload CSV”
  3. Select, drag and drop, or copy and paste your CSV file
  4. Wait for your file to upload
    1. If your file does not have the required column names or is not in the correct format, you will receive an error. Please ensure your file is prepared correctly before re-trying the upload.
  5. Click “Done”
    1. Your metadata may take a few moments to process. You will see a message at the top of the screen when the processing is complete.
  6. After your metadata is processed, refresh to see your updated metadata on the Add Data page

Watch how to upload a CSV via the Add Data page.

Use this example file to help you set up your sheet

There you have it! With a little preparation, you’ll save time and upload all your metadata efficiently.