We’re looking for Winter Outdoors

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While it’s tempting to stay cozy indoors during winter, there are countless ways to have fun during the cold season! How do your friends and family have fun in the winter weather? What are the activities that you can only enjoy when it snows, or only happen within the colder months? What sports do you play or watch in the winter that you look forward to every year? We would love to see your unique experiences in the outdoor elements, even if you’re just sipping hot chocolate by a bonfire.

Key search terms – Skiing, Skating, tobogganing, hockey, snowboarding, snowshoeing


We are looking for winter photo content that depicts fun activities in the great outdoors. Some ideas for inspiration — happy families, friends and individuals skiing, skating, playing snowball fights, snowboarding.


Please upload any footage of winter activities, including sports like hockey, snowboarding, ski, figure skating… or family friendly fun like kids sledding, snowball fights or ice fishing. Get your action camera winterized, then go outside to capture some winter fun while the cold weather is around.


For vector content, we would love your best outdoor imagery. Character drawings, social media story templates, icons, backgrounds — anything that depicts fun activities outdoors in the winter. The best part is, you don’t even have to go outside.