We’re looking for Monochrome

Note: This is an ongoing series outlining creative opportunities for our contributor community. If you’re not already a Vecteezy contributor, you can create a contributor account here and start making money from your creative work.

Monochrome is a current trend for good reason — it is extremely satisfying to look at. Using monochrome is a way of involving or producing visual images in a single color, either using the same color throughout or using varying tones of a single color. You’ve been seeing it in ads, commercials, presentations, and photo shoots for a long time, and this trend is not going away any time soon. Our customers want unique and interesting takes on monochromatic images and the more creative, the better!

Key search terms – monochromatic, consistent, homogenous, uniform, hue, single wavelength


We are looking for photo content of various subjects in the trendy monochromatic style. Different colors can correlate with different moods, so the color you choose can convey a strong message through your work. You can also use the monochrome trend in photography by utilizing differing amounts of light instead of different colors to capture images on your camera. Experiment with it and see what happens!


The monochromatic design trend also applies to video. We’re looking for product shots exploring a single color palette and its shades or tints. Choose a mood and go with it! Feeling fresh? Maybe a green hue is the perfect choice. Feeling cool? Try blue. Send your best product footage and leave us feeling inspired by your minimal aesthetic!


We are looking for vector images in a trendy monochromatic style. Monochrome style can be applied to anything from mockup displays, social media story templates, icons and backgrounds to various character drawings. There are so many unique ways to try out this trend with vectors and we urge you to think outside the box.