We’re looking for content related to innovation and technology

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Reflecting on 2020, it’s hard not to be amazed by some of the remarkable innovations and changes in technology that we’ve witnessed over the past 12 months: Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, large portions of the workforce shifting to remote operations, and the implementation of contactless purchase and delivery advancements in a number of different industries.

We’ve been analyzing customer searches and keywords across vecteezy.com and have highlighted a few key themes and topics related to technology and innovation that we want to pass on for this month’s content focus for the contributor community.

Read on for tips on specific content we need.



Vector by jemastockpro

Vaccinations, testing kits, drug trials, virtual consultations and data collection are all top of mind for our customers right now. We need visuals that reflect recent changes to technology in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

While we don’t need any more syringe or vaccine vile designs, we do want to see depictions of people from diverse backgrounds receiving vaccinations and having their temperature checked, along with your interpretation of a “vaccine passport” in addition to designs featuring Covid-19 testing via drive-thru or in-home test kits.

Video & Photo

Photo by coolhand1180213301

In the first months of the year, new technology is always top of mind. We have received a lot of searches for Apple technology in recent weeks, including iPhone 12, AirPods, and iPhone reminder notifications.

Simple, well-lit clips and photos featuring people interacting with new technology are always needed, so find a model with beautiful hands (or get a manicure yourself) and start shooting your favorite Apple devices and technology; close-ups of hands typing or sending a message, video chats with family members, taking photos with your device, or listening to music through AirPods.

Just remember, remove any logos or defining characteristics of Apple devices and products before you submit your work so that we can license your clips in our Commercial collection.