We’re looking for Lifelong Learning

Note: This is an ongoing series outlining creative opportunities for our contributor community. If you’re not already a Vecteezy contributor, you can create a contributor account here and start making money from your creative work.

Lifelong learning is a way for people to pursue education, creativity, and dreams on their own terms, in their own timeline. Now that remote learning is accessible from anywhere you live, the possibilities have never been more vast. We would like to see images and videos that depict personal betterment, life enrichment, and remote education in modern times. It could be taking a fitness class from home, enrolling in a personal or professional growth webinar, or even just taking continuing education classes online while your children are in school. The ability to learn on your own terms transforms dreams into achievable goals by breaking down barriers to traditional education and empowering people to make their own path. Think about ways that you can convey this concept. We are excited to see what you upload!

Key search terms – self betterment, self improvement, life enrichment, online education, lifelong learning, online learning, remote education, self cultivation, personal development


We are looking for photos and AI-generated images that work with the lifelong learning trend. Please include copy space, as it increases the usability of your images, and make sure to include relevant keywords, such as “lifelong learning,” “personal development,” “online education,” and “self betterment” in your metadata for maximum discoverability. When creating AI-generated images, ensure that only flawlessly rendered and distortion-free images are submitted to meet our high standards of quality.


This month we are focusing on footage that celebrates and recognises our natural drive to explore, learn and grow as humans. Personal betterment and the opportunity for remote learning encourages us to improve our own quality of life and sense of self-worth by paying attention to what inspires and motivates us. We want you to find the most inspiring educational and life-enriching concepts and trends, and visually represent them through video. Feel free to think outside the box and film original stories of people breaking down barriers to traditional education. In terms of shot types and framing, your footage should look cinematic and empowering, both in terms of color and composition. We recommend opting for medium close-ups and tracking shots. Consider using a tripod or gimbal to keep your shots steady and avoid camera shake, and remember that best lighting to emphasize personal and professional growth is usually natural lighting, but if you’re aiming for a bolder idea, go for colorful studio lights.


Show us your creative ideas for vector images in the trendy lifelong learning style. This theme is very versatile, and can be applied to everything from mockup displays and social media story templates to icons, backgrounds, and various character story drawings. We are looking for both flat and isometric modern vectors that feature learning and personal development topics. Make sure to include relevant keywords, such as “lifelong learning,” “personal development, “online education,” and “self betterment” in your metadata for maximum discoverability.