We’re looking for Community

Note: This is an ongoing series outlining creative opportunities for our contributor community. If you’re not already a Vecteezy contributor, you can create a contributor account here and start making money from your creative work.

Community is a word that carries a lot of meaning for a lot of people, but it’s almost always a positive thing. Generally, a community is a social group whose members have something in common, such as a shared government, location, culture, or heritage. Customers are looking for imagery that conveys a community message, whether it’s a group of neighborhood friends or a collective of people. A community can also be your chosen family — the people you choose to have in your life circle. Customers want to see the idea of community represented in your imagery.

Key search terms – support, local, locale, collective, chosen family, solidarity, neighborhood


We are looking for community-themed photo content featuring diverse groups of people in various environments. Think friends, collaborative professionals, ethnic communities, creative collectives, neighborhoods, people sharing the same interests, culture, heritage, etc.


We’re looking for footage that translates into community and its various meanings. Experiment with clips of the community you live in, with neighbors working together in a community garden, with groups of friends spending time together. Consider filming a professional community gathering in business fairs or a group of people of the same heritage sharing a meal.


We are looking for vector images depicting various communities around the world — people sharing the same interests, culture, heritage, etc. Since you are creating from scratch, you can make the most specific and unique communities that may be harder to capture in real life.