Paint brush strokes

Paint brush strokes

Paint brush strokes with a dry brush.

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Paint brush strokes

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  1. Yeng

    Very nice brushes, Thank you!

  2. Danik

    thak you!! the best...

  3. Portrait_img_0460_bw_small_square

    Yeah, nowadays I also use Illustrator. It really does fine tracing! Impressive :)

  4. Headshot4

    Cool!!! Thanks, I've been experimenting with black acrylic paint spatters on poster board and then using Adobe Illustrators Trace functions. Illustrator does a pretty good job, but you have to get the settings in the dialog. I haven't posted them yet. Thanks for responding. :)

  5. Portrait_img_0460_bw_small_square

    Thank you! It´s made with a dry brush with acrylic color, scanned, vectorized with streamline and the best one (guess at bottom) is corrected manually. I used freehand ;)

  6. Headshot4

    Very cool Brush strokes. What's your process?

  7. Missing

    Thank you!