Vector Typeface : RPVS

By mmolai in Signs/Symbols
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The extinct typeface "Roman Print Variously Shaded" (c.1800)
I found this in an old typeface book and scanned it 1200dpi. I have also created along with it several duplicates/alternates;
three "B's", three "C's", five "E's", five "F's", four "H's", seven "I's", two "M's", three "P's" and three "R's".

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  1. Thank You!!!!

  2. Oregon_2

    Love em! Well Done.

  3. 20111107224023-1989816998

    Very good thanks for sharing

  4. 3176596376_9be0b7ab1a_o

    i love it! thanks for sharing!

  5. Missing

    These are beautiful, great work. I don't know if you know, but Anthropologie is selling mugs with these letters monogrammed on them. I bought the "H" mug about a month ago and recognized it here!

  6. 26062010142

    They are so cool, thank you very much!

  7. Me

    Thank you so much for posting this. I would like to use these for a name banner at my baby shower :D

  8. Missing

    thank you so much for sharing this gem!

  9. Missing

    Looks A-MA-ZING! I just absolutely LOVE vintage type! Thank you soooooo much :D

  10. Missing


  11. 26062010142

    So Cool... Thank You!

  12. 44

    jajajaja very good

  13. 44

    ok wery good