Seamless Vector Pattern

Seamless Vector Pattern

Here's a seamless pattern from a set I've been working on.

Copyright: jasongaylor

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Seamless Vector Pattern

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  1. not .ai however, it's .eps

  2. Great design! Easy to work with!

  3. Amparo

    Very Nice It reminds me a pottery work! Thanks

  4. Missing

    I love it! thank you.

  5. Missing

    yeaaa perfect

  6. Missing

    thanks :)

  7. Missing

    Thank You!

  8. It's so gorgeous! I love it!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Missing

    can i use this on a commercial seating chart for weddings?

  10. Missing

    Can I use it for some product ..... pleaseeeee ????

  11. Yo

    I LOVE this pattern <3

  12. Missing

    So awesome! Thanks *

  13. Yopo

    i love it!!!

  14. good

  15. Face
  16. 12


  17. Missing

    Thanks for this pattern

  18. thank you!

  19. Missing

    Thank you for sharing!!!! :)

  20. Missing


  21. Kaede_abk

    Nice Art ,,, Goood

  22. Jason


  23. Missing


  24. Missing

    fine, fine, very good very goooooooood

  25. Missing

    Its satisfactory but not so innovative ;)

  26. _

    thank u

  27. 7228_1244237664653_1190715365_30759313_4303831_n

    amazing, Good Job

  28. 7228_1244237664653_1190715365_30759313_4303831_n

    amazing, Good Job

  29. Missing

    I love it!

  30. Missing

    hey which is the most suitable programme for *.ai format file.. please tell me.

  31. 123529


  32. T192

    very good !

  33. Missing


  34. Captura_de_pantalla_2010-05-30_a_las_22.34.27

    is like a mexican talavera in puebla de los angeles I swear

  35. Marielle

    so good!!!

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