Retro Background Vector 9

By AllonzoInc in Patterns
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A new 70′s style retro background vector available in different fresh and vibrant colours! The included png’s can also be used as wallpaper, just cut to your appropriate screen resolution. Have fun using this retro background vector! The included .eps file is a retro background vector illustration and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution. You will need a vector editor to use this file (such as Adobe Illustrator).

Format: 1 eps, 4 png

Resolution: png @ 400dpi (5556×5556)

Size: 15,83 Mb

Creator: Allonzo Inc

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  1. Joy2

    This is so cool! Thanks for taking the time to create! :)

  2. Missing

    sooooooooo nice

  3. Missing

    love it...!!

  4. Missing

    Thank you!!

  5. Id_card_allonzo_inc_small

    You will have to consider taking a commercial license when using this vector for commercial purposes. You can contact me at for further info.

  6. Missing

    great vector .... hi - I design and sell photo invitations in a flattened jpeg form. Can I use your vector for this use ??

  7. Missing

    Love it - But if I'm not mistaken, it looks IDENTICAL to a re-coloured still from the beginning of Coupling!

    Not that this is in any way a bad thing, I love that show :)

    Good skills sir!

  8. Missing

    very good!

  9. Renaiconjpg

    love it!

  10. Imagen002