NixVex Icons for Spies Free Vectors

Spies in Boston... Spies in New York.. Spies in Washington... All communicating over WiFi... I thought they must need an icon set created in Illustrator CS3 to keep their desktop managable... Especially with an enevitable movie deal!

Copyright: Nick2001

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NixVex Icons for Spies Free Vectors

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  3. Nixvex

    That would be really nice...

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    I'm not exactly sure how I am supposed to attribute the work to you under this license. Do I just put someplace "spy icons provided by Nick2001 on" ?

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    Bueno estente

  7. thanks

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    Gracias muy buenos vectores

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  10. Nixvex

    Of course.... mi amigo

  11. Missing

    Are all these free?

  12. thank u~

  13. Atwar

    Very Good !