Free Halloween Vectors

Here's a set of free vectors for all. I made these as a special giveaway for making the TOP 24 in the DBH 10K Contest. Really appreciate all the votes so far and if you are so inclined I would def appreciate a couple more. Either way, use these for either personal or commercial projects, just don't resell the vectors. Thanks! Ellipsis
Free Halloween Vectors

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  1. 6829451285_b90f673173_zb

    Superb line art

  2. Missing

    tks !! will be respected !

  3. Narma1

    gempak... (nice)..

  4. Missing


  5. 1200_pussycat


  6. sooo koooool... thanx.

  7. Photo_du_51537941-06-_14.18


  8. Missing

    Very Cool, Thanks...!!!!