We’re looking for Hygge

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Hygge is a Danish word used to describe all things warm and cozy, from a person’s chill surroundings to the person themself feeling content and relaxed. The word hygge is becoming more common in marketing, as it’s perfect to describe feelings, activities, and products in relation to staying cozy. September means that cooler weather is imminent, and along with that comes warm clothing, hot beverages, and bundled up activities inside or outside the home. We are looking for imagery that depicts the word hygge in all its coziness, see below for more specific descriptions of hygge.

Key search terms – cozy, warmth, relaxation, comfy, tranquility, contentment, comfort


We are looking for hygge-themed photo content that depicts coziness and comfort during cold fall and winter seasons. Some ideas for inspiration — stylish flat lays with various items of comfort, Scandinavian-style interiors with fireplaces, people in cozy environments.


We’re looking for footage that translates the feeling of warmth, contentment, and comfort in the colder months of the year. Think of couples being cozy on the couch while drinking a cup of tea, a family eating dinner by the fireplace, a person reading a book while bundled up in bed, or chilling out in a sleek, modern living room.


We are looking for hygge-themed vector images. Social media story templates, icons, backgrounds, character drawings — these are all great if they can depict coziness, comfort and cuteness during colder weather.