We’re looking for content related to climate change

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Over the past few months, the climate, and specifically climate change, has been top of mind in a number of key regions around the world. In the United States, the Dixie Fire is now among the largest wildfires ever recorded in California. Last month in Sicily, the city of Siracusa almost certainly set a new European temperature record of 48.8 degrees Celsius (119.85 Fahrenheit) while forest fires blazed throughout Italy, forcing the government to declare a state of emergency. Temperature records have also been broken in Canada, Finland, Estonia, Turkey, and Russia this summer, while unprecedented floods have swept through Germany and parts of China.

A new climate report released by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) in August 2021 has increased awareness about climate change and encouraged more companies and individuals to take action to reduce their impact.

Vecteezy contributors can help create relevant content about climate change to ensure customers have up-to-date, accurate visuals for widespread advertising and digital usages.

In creating visuals for climate change, we encourage you to consider the impacts climate change has had on your personal life and your family, as well as positive shifts we can make as individuals and groups to help minimize our environmental impact. How has nature and wildlife in your area been affected by climate change? What impacts to travel and tourism have there been as a result of extreme heat or temperature changes? How are you changing your behavior towards more sustainable, less impactful living?

We encourage contributors to consider this context while developing a plan to create climate-related content and be sure to read the specific content needs we’ve outlined below, across vectors, photos, and video. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

global warming, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, climate, extreme weather, climate action, climate tech, environmentalism, climate crisis, sustainability, net zero emissions, climate pledge, ecosystems, regenerative, climate solutions, carbon emissions

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Below is the specific content we need in September.


Climate Change Vector

Vector by Macrovector

Over time, human activity such as fossil fuel consumption, deforestation, animal agriculture, and industrial activities have had a significant impact on our planet. All of these activities are contributors to human-made greenhouse gas emissions which disrupt the climate system’s balance, resulting in global warming and extreme weather scenarios. Living a greener lifestyle and utilizing green energy may help to reduce the long-term impact humans have on the planet.

This month, we would like to see your creative take on an eco-friendly lifestyle – recycling, waste cleanup, reduced use of plastic, sources of green energy, and any other examples of humans reducing carbon emissions. In addition to green energy concepts, we’d like you to explore environmental concepts – various weather conditions (eg. extreme heat), the beauty of nature, ocean life, and elements like stone, wood, and water. We’re excited to see how you utilize your imagination to address the climate crisis and convey ideas to live a greener life!


Climate Change Photo

Photo by EvaL MiKo

We all have to balance enjoying nature and preserving it. Even if some of the solutions to large-scale problems are debated, the need for relevant creative content is irrefutable. From scientific discoveries that inform to inspirational ideas that motivate, we’re looking for images that illustrate:

  • The beauty of nature
  • Abstract environmental concepts
  • Proposed solutions
  • People-oriented actions
  • Global changes
  • The interconnectedness of humans and nature
  • Food sustainability
  • All types of energy

Think about the potential use of your images. Can you envision your content in the news media, non-profit material, online publications, or corporate communications, and how does that impact what you make and submit? We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Climate Change Stock Video

Video by viafilms

Climate change is an important issue both politically and in everyday life. In our lifetime, we have witnessed the effects of what climate change can do to communities around the globe. We want you to help show the reality and authenticity of climate change in 2021 through your footage. What is it like to live in extreme weather conditions, either hot or cold? What changes have your friends and family made to live a more eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle? Have people started to use and install green energy in their residences? How has climate change affected your day-to-day life? This is the kind of footage that we would like you to shoot as climate change is a very hot (excuse the pun) topic!

Lead image by peerayut nantageeworawat.