We’re looking for Back-to-School

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It feels like summer has just begun, but that means back-to-school season is right around the corner! Customers are looking for imagery related to back-to-school activities. This doesn’t just mean images of children and school buses, but college, university, and continuing education imagery as well. Further, online education is becoming increasingly more commonplace, so we also seek images that represent the whole spectrum of education. Show us what back-to-school looks like in 2022.

Key search terms: Back to school, students, university, education, teacher, classroom


We are looking for back-to-school photo content featuring diverse students in educational and casual environments, as well as depictions of online learning in various environments for students of all ages.


We’re in pursuit of footage that depicts diversity and inclusion in schools, fresh contemporary footage of kids in a school setting, either in classrooms, playgrounds, yards, school buses, or home school settings. We’re also looking for footage picturing adult education and what it looks like today, with up-to-date technology.


We are looking for vector images featuring back-to-school themes – mockups, social media story templates, materials for online learning, and elementary school children’s ABC’s and puzzles/crosswords.

Lead image by wavebreakmedia_052972