We’re excited to announce the addition of bundles to Vecteezy! With bundles, you’ll get access to a huge number of resources at one time, and you’ll find many types of resources that have never been available at Vecteezy in the past.

While all users can benefit from this major addition to our site, Pro subscribers will gain the most. If you’re already a Pro subscriber, the value of your subscription just increased dramatically (without any price increase)! If you’re not a Pro subscriber yet, you may want to consider the benefits of subscribing today.

What Are Bundles?

A bundle is a set of multiple creative resources rather than just one resource. Just like the other resources on our site, bundles are created by contributors. However, bundles might include content not otherwise available on Vecteezy, such as fonts, slide decks, Photoshop brushes, Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, mock-ups, and more. Our goal with bundles is to provide tremendous value to our customers, so you’ll find a wide variety of creative resources.

How Can I Get the Bundles?

You’re able to get your hands on the bundles in a few different ways:

  • Vecteezy Pro customers get exclusive access. We offer each bundle for a limited time as a free download for existing, actively subscribed Vecteezy Pro members. This perk of being a Pro subscriber only applies to those who have not canceled their subscription. Be sure to check the Bundles page frequently, as we’ll be adding new bundles on a regular basis.
  • Purchase a bundle for $39 at any time. If you’re not a Pro subscriber or if you are a Pro subscriber and you missed the window for exclusive access, each bundle can be purchased for a one-time price. (Credits cannot be used to download a bundle.)

We’ve got a special welcome gift for new Pro subscribers. Join Vecteezy Pro now and you can download any one bundle of your choice immediately. Your Pro subscription will also give you exclusive access to the new bundles that we release for a limited time.

How Are Prices Impacted?

The cost of a Vecteezy Pro subscription has not changed. Subscribers get unlimited downloads of vectors, stock photos, and videos at Vecteezy, and now we’re adding bundles as an additional benefit.

While it’s possible to purchase a bundle individually, purchasing a bundle for a one-time fee does not include a Vecteezy Pro subscription. As a result, most users will find that with prices starting at just $9 per month, a Pro subscription offers the best value.

Get millions of stock images and videos at the best price
Unlimited access. No attribution required. Starts at just $9/month.

Vecteezy Pro

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Available for a Limited-Time

While each bundle will be available to active Pro subscribers at no additional cost, it’s important to note that this free access to each bundle is available only for a limited time. Each bundle is different, but generally, you can expect a bundle to be available for download for 24-72 hours. You can see the available and upcoming offers on the Bundles page.

Vecteezy Pro

If you’re not familiar with the details of Vecteezy Pro, a subscription offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited photo, vector, & video downloads
  • Access to bundles for a limited time
  • Full commercial rights
  • Vecteezy editor access
  • No attribution required
  • Priority Support
  • Faster Downloads
  • No ads

All of this is available for just $9 per month if billed annually, or $14 per month if billed monthly. Join Pro to get immediate access.

Bundles FAQ

How long are bundles available for?

If you would like to purchase a bundle for $39, you can do so at any time.

If you’re a Vecteezy Pro subscriber, each bundle is available for a limited time as a free download that comes with your subscription.

Generally, you can expect a bundle to be available for download for 24-72 hours.

Only bundles that are unlocked are available for download.

I’m a Pro subscriber, but I can’t access a bundle. Why not?

As a welcome gift, we allow new Pro subscribers to take their pick of any Pro bundle.

For existing Pro members with active subscriptions, bundles are available as a free download for a limited time only.

Why are bundles locked sometimes but unlocked other times?

Bundled files have a tremendous value because they include so many pieces of content. Where contributors normally make a single file available for download and are paid evenly in comparison to any other single file download on our site, bundles are simply more valuable because they include multiple files within a single download. Each file within a bundle still requires the same level of time, investment, and talents as a single file on our website; you simply get more of them in a single download.

In order to make bundles free downloads as a perk for our active Pro community, we have to make special considerations with respect to compensating our contributors fairly for their time investment. We offer bundles within a limited-time download window as a way of promoting the contributors who create them but protecting their earning potential.

Because each bundle has a various number of files, it would be impossible for us to systematically value them based on the sum of the files within the bundle.

So on our end, a download for a single file, a bundle of 200 files, or a bundle of 1,000 files all count the same towards earning calculations.

A limited-time download window helps us ensure that we’re able to share bundles as a huge perk for our Pro community, but also provide great compensation for the contributors that created them.

I saw a bundle I wanted to download, and it was available then, but it’s not available anymore. Why?

Each bundle will be unlocked for a limited amount of time. If you want a bundle, you’ll need to download it within that time period.

The period of time to download each unlocked bundle is important, so make sure you mark your calendar! Once the window of availability has passed on a bundle, you may not be able to download it again. Although we may make a bundle available for download again, we cannot guarantee it and so it is best to take advantage while it’s available.

Because of the tremendous value involved with bundled content, we cannot continuously make bundles available as a free download.

You can always purchase a bundle at any time for $39.

Can I download a bundle with one or more Pro credits?

No. Because of the overwhelming value involved with bundled content, bundles are a perk of being an actively subscribed Pro member only.

Will a bundle be available to purchase or download again?

While we may unlock bundles again at some point, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to. If you want a bundle, be sure not to miss the download window.

Where do I see what bundles you have available (or are coming next)?

You can see the schedule for bundles, along with bundles that are currently available for download on our Bundles page.

I purchased or downloaded a bundle before, and I need to download it again. How do I do that?

You can access the download link for your bundle through your dashboard in the downloads section.

What coverage do I get with a bundle license?

When you download a Content Bundle from Vecteezy you are essentially granted a Pro license, with a couple of restrictions. For instance, customers who download a bundle that includes font files are not permitted to embed any font(s) in websites, e-books, portable documents, apps, or software. Additionally, the indemnification or legal guarantee that Vecteezy offers on all Free, Pro and Pro Extended licenses, is not extended to customers who download a Content Bundle. The indemnification does not apply to content licensed as all or any part of a Content Bundle.

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