How are PPD Free Earnings Calculated?

PPD Free Earnings Overview

Different from PPD Pro earnings, PPD (Pay Per Download) Free earnings are calculated based on the total number of downloads a contributor receives across their portfolio.

The calculations behind this model are set at a rate of $5.00 paid per 1,000 downloads.

Calculating PPD Free Earnings

To calculate PPD Free Earnings, Vecteezy takes the total number of downloads a contributor receives and multiplies this amount by $0.005.

  • Total downloads * $0.005 = amount earned

We then run this calculation for each contributor, each month, to calculate total PPD Free contributor earnings.

PPD Free Earnings Examples

Here are two examples that help illustrate PPD Free payouts:

Contributor A:
Receives 10,000 downloads in the month, earning $50.00

  • 10,000 downloads received * ($5 per 1,000 downloads) = $50.00

Contributor B:
Receives 250,000 downloads in the month, earning $1,250.00

  • 250,000 total downloads * ($5 per 1,000 downloads) = $1,250.00

Learn more about our PPD Free and PPD Pro Contributor Programs, here.

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