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Stickermule ***ANOTHER UPDATE!! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!*** One new winner has been chosen! Congrats!! grafguerilla and jennmdp71 Congrats, you two! Stay tuned for the next giveaway - it's coming very soon!!! If you missed out on the first amazing giveaway package from Sticker Mule over on Brusheezy, stop your fretting! They're back with yet another super stickery giveaway. They've recently totally revamped their already stellar site and want to celebrate that relaunch with all of you! Who is this awesome company, you ask? Sticker Mule prints custom stickers and has a whole lot of love for graphic designers. They'll print your designs in full color on high quality vinyl, and die cut them to any shape. They'll even help make your artwork press ready for free and send an online proof with every order. This time they're back giving away $100 worth of custom printed stickers to TWO lucky winners, plus there are three ways to win, so enter now!

The Loot:

Two randomly chosen winners will receive $100 each towards their own custom sticker printing job - check out Sticker Mule's products page to see what kind of stickers you could win and print!

The Ways to Enter:

1. Comment on this blog post! Simple as pie. 2. Retweet this blog post to enter a second time. Get the word out! 3. Add us to your RSS feed so you can keep an eye out for our next awesome giveaway. Welp, that's it! Enter all three ways if you'd like to boost your chances. We'll announce the winner on Friday, December 16th. Good luck to all!

About the Sponsor

Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy custom stickers & skins. We fix artwork problems for free and provide free shipping to anywhere in the US. Check out Sticker Mule at!


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