Random Free Vectors - Part 8: Modern Arrows

These free vectors are part 8 of the ongoing ‘Random Free Vectors’ series here on BittBox. I call them “modern arrows,” but you may call them something different. I’ve seen these types of shapes being used in a lot of illustration in the past couple years, so I sat down for an evening and created some to share. I hope you find them useful! Remember you can post your designs in the BittBox User Showcase group @ Flickr to show us how you put them to use! Files are also available in AI and SVG at bittbox.com

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Random Free Vectors - Part 8: Modern Arrows

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    Hey ! Great design ! Quick question, i didnt find any readme file in the file. What's the license on these ?


  3. Rey%20de%20america

    Thank you

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    is nice dear

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    thank you :D

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    Thank you!

  9. Tpg01881581

    wow~~i like!

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    thank you!

  11. Mafer_y_yoo

    u need imagine for this... nice job.. i like this...

  12. Silverchairnvbnv

    like this,,,,