Threadless Coupon and Book Giveaway!!


***Update on winners!! Some people didn't get back with us (too bad!!!), so here are the updated winners!

A big congrats to our three new winners!

1) Drexel
2) ndevin26
3) amlilui

The three of you each win a $30 Threadless coupon and a 10th anniversary book!

Thanks everyone for playing and stay tuned for our next contest coming soon :)

The Prize:

We've teamed up with the awesome clothing company, Threadless, to bring you a huge $30 coupon you can use to buy your favorite Threadless shirt or hoodie! Threadless just had their 10th anniversary, and to celebrate, they printed this awesome 10th Anniversary Book that we're also giving away!! Double prizes! Each of the three winners will get the coupon code and the book!

You'll be able to use these $30 coupon codes on the site any way you like. That's right, if you want to buy this awesome Owl Tshirt, or this Dream Tshirt, or the Anniversary Book for a friend (since you'll have one yourself), you got it! Also, check out the Special Edition Anniversary Book - it even comes with a sketchbook!

So, we've got 3 (yes, three!!) coupon codes to AND 3 (yes, three!!) 10th Anniversary Books, ripe for the winning, and just in time for the holidays, I might add.

Three Ways to Win:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post and tell us why you love Threadless! Is is their awesome community? The crazy unique designs from all kinds of artists? Or is it that you have the ability to submit your own designs? Shout it out!

2. Retweet this post to all your Twitter followers! Let's get the word out about Vecteezy and about Threadless!

3. Subscribe to our RSS feed to make sure you don't miss out on other great giveaways and announcements!

The Details:

We will select the three winners randomly and notify you of your prize on Thursday, December 30 2010, so be sure to check out all the great submissions on Threadless to find the perfect design for you!

Remember, you need to be a member to participate in our giveaways, so if you aren't, you can become one in a quick minute over here! Don't worry, if you're a member on either site, you are good to go!


About the Sponsor

Threadless is a unique clothing and printing company where artists can submit their own designs for print and sale. Because of this, Threadless has a huge variety of completely unique tshirts, hoodies, and tanks that you simply won't find anywhere else. To learn more about Threadless, hop on over here!

The Threadless Anniversary Book is also available on, but your coupon won't work there. : )

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  1. Missing

    Congrats to the winners !!

  2. Missing

    I don't know why my Twitter DM (in time!) not worked ... Too bad for me, congrats to the knew winner ...

  3. Back

    congratulations, I know that feel :)

  4. Say whaaaaaaaat!!! Thank you. Now I have another reason to love Vecteezy and Threadless!

  5. Wordpressshirt

    zomg winning is awesome! <3

  6. Missing

    my friend knows one of the main guys at threadless and can't stop talking about how cool this company is - so i had to check them out myself. my friend absolutely loves this company and tells everyone about them. upon review, i would agree that they threadless is a cool company.

  7. Photo_65

    I have been into Threadless for over six years now! Cool company. Young and freshminded. Keep it up!

  8. Missing

    I'm a designer who submitted a few designs to threadless (and even though they never got into the printing stage) and I must say, THEY ARE A FRIGGING AMAZING ORGANISATION. The community is awesome, and it also allows amazing designs to actually make it into shirts we don't usually see elsewhere. Threadless FTW.

  9. Back

    actually I knew threadless about 4 months ago, but I just joined that awesome community this december, oh poor me!
    but, here is my reason why I decided to participate :
    1. is because vecteezy contest (honestly).
    2. after reads the community, I think it really good for me to share with new friends. we can talk to the artists and choose our own favorite clothes.
    3. I know that threadless often gives the members free shipping and other bonus (don't you think it awesome?)
    4. awesome design from all kinds of artists and it's original which we never seen, exclusively and I love it!
    5. it gives artists a place to show off the work that they love to do and can't always do in the corporate world. super!

    actually, I have other reasons why we should love threadless. honestly you won't be regret if you reads my opinion about threadless.

  10. Missing

    I love Threadless.What a nice Christmas gift. Santa don't forget me, thanks

  11. Mepic300k

    I really enjoy seeing what the creative people who use this site come up with.

  12. Missing

    personal & friendly! Threadless is phenomenal because artist can show their masterpieces and it lets everyone appreciate all different types of art & wear them in whatever way they choose! incredibly ingenious, Threadless is certainly in a league of their own!

  13. Img_1413

    Threadless is awesome because it gives artists a place to show off the work that they love to do and can't always do in the corporate world. All those fun things that we come up with that really make us love to do what we do. And it gives art lovers a place to go and get awesome clothes that allows them to express themselves in a way no other clothing line allows.

  14. Missing

    I have a lot (I'm afraid to count, but I'm pretty sure I'm over 30) of threadless tees.
    They're are a great company because the designs are really great.
    But they are an awesome community because they are always uploading videos, making contests, telling us deals on twitter,...
    They are great because they try to talk with us.

  15. Missing

    I love Threadless because the tees are all so awesome!

  16. Missing

    I adore these guys - I used to visit their office and buy direct before they became an actual store!

  17. Missing

    My sis and I love Threadless! We love how creative people from all walks of life and from anywhere can submit designs - and the final clothing products so stylish!

  18. Threadless is awesome! They have the best t-shirt designs by some of the best designers out there. I would love to own some stock from Threadless!

  19. I asked Santa for a Threadless tee. I have a letter ready to send to the North Pole, too.

  20. Missing

    I love Threadless. Their tshirts rock. I need to get myself a Christmas present anyway.

  21. Avatar

    Yay Threadless.

  22. Threadless, cute and creative.

  23. Missing

    Threadless is fantastic! I can get the coolest shirts ever there and see inspirational designs! Wish I was that talented :)

  24. I luuuve Threadless, because they give me the opportunity to be the only one in my city with a t-shirt. The uniqueness that they master is awesome. The designs are also quite awesome, I just ordered 4 t-shirts the other day actually :)
    Furthermore, they know what they are dealing with. Being employed in a clothing company, I can tell they know about printing and garments :)

  25. Missing

    Uh, this is my christmaswish! Me gusta Vecteezy also:)

  26. Missing

    need this book in my shelf, near my tees collection!
    i’ve been a threadless fan/customer for a while now.
    love their business model and their community sense. i’ve read about them also in several digital marketing books (socialnomics, six pixels of separation, the whuffie factor, etc).

    fingers crossed! =D

  27. Missing

    I love threadless and Vecteezy! Me gusta Vecteezy.

  28. Missing

    It's THE store for all of us, which truly care what is printed in our clothes. -I dream, that someday clothes would be available from store also in Finland-

  29. Missing


  30. Missing

    Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Pleeeeeeease

  31. Missing

    I like how Threadless allows you to submit your own artwork to the community. I also like seeing some of the cool and creative designs that different artists come up with.

  32. Missing

    me me me me me me!!!! im in love of Threadless simply amazing!

  33. Missing

    YAY Threadless!

  34. Missing


  35. 6


    I would like to participate in your contest, threadless has awsome designs!!!!!

  36. 6

    Yet another avenue of expression, thanks Threadless.

  37. 305032_300

    Threadless has provided a unique medium for artists to debut their designs. You've resurrected the wearable art movement!

  38. Drawing1

    Yet another avenue of expression, thanks Threadless.

  39. Missing

    I love Threadless because when I am having issues trying to come up with a gift, I can always count on their amazing community of designers!

  40. Astronaut


    I would like to participate in your contest, threadless has awsome designs!!!!!

  41. Missing

    Wow! I didn't know about Threadless but I visited the site and loved it! Very unique and interesting designs! I wish I get the prize and wear those awsome tees next year!

  42. Myself_image2

    Would love some new threadless shirts. Threadless designs are always inspiring and get me in the creative zone.

  43. Midsummers

    Love! Love! love! Great designs by talented people. Maybe someday I will have a design on Threadless ...

  44. Missing

    i have been a fan of threadless for a long time & have purchased several tees...the reason i love them so much is that you can purchase affordable unique tees that you won't see everyone else wearing! plus it's a great way to support indie artists who create great artwork!

  45. Missing

    tweeted by funky_finds

  46. Missing

    What ever your'll find a design you love <3

  47. Missing

    What ever your'll find a design you love <3

  48. Missing

    What a great team, and super prizes!

  49. Missing

    Where else could you possibly showcase your individuality to such a grand audience? BTW, the book is totally awesome!

  50. Missing

    Oh, I really love giveaways, especially if they're books.

  51. Missing

    Hey I need that book. I live in Norway and its cold and white right now. Some color and inspiration would be good :)

  52. And reeeetweted! I hope Papa Noël could read it! :)

  53. Oooh I wish I had this superfantástico book with all those inspiring amazing impresionantes illustrations of all the artist that make threadless possible. I love that project!

  54. Missing

    OMG I love threadless Their tee's are so unique and so affordable. Someday I'd love to be awesome enough to have a t-shirt on there :)

  55. Untitled-1

    I need that book sooo bad :)

  56. Visit_iwan-fotozw

    I really like the book. Would be a great asset to my designcollection.
    Have a nice weekend!

  57. Visit_iwan-fotozw

    O Wow,
    I checked your website and as we say in dutch: Vet cool!
    I will retweet this in Holland... : )

  58. Missing

    Oh Marvelous,
    Threadless is a unique clothing and printing company where artists can submit their own designs for print and sale. Because of this, Threadless has a huge variety of completely unique tshirts, hoodies, and tanks that you simply won't find anywhere else......

  59. Missing

    To be honest this is the first time I heard from Threadless but it makes me curious......

  60. veri like this book...I HOPE I HAVE thisss!!!

  61. Missing

    I am planning to submit some of my unique and original designs after the first of the year. Luv most of the t-shirts and my family has been purchasing for a while. Would like to win to increase their wardrobe.

  62. Missing

    Oh and the prices make purchasing fun. :D

  63. Missing

    There's a lot to love about threadless; by contributing to the site you feel like you are a part of the family, which is made even greater when you see a stranger on the street wearing threadless. The designs are original and you can express yourself through the shirts that you purchase.

  64. Missing

    Inspiration is the BEST!

  65. Missing

    I like submitting designs to Threadless! Although have not been successful so far, but I shall keep trying :D Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  66. Missing

    Love Threadless! So good to see so many very different designs - great site to visit for inspiration too!

  67. Missing

    Fun giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  68. Missing

    I love Threadless because they have awesome designs and you can also submit your own designs. The prices are affordable, too.

  69. Missing

    what an awesome Xmas present to myself! I would love this!

  70. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!! The designs in Threadless are awesome and I love, love, love their shirts! Please, please, please let me win. :)

  71. Missing

    Two of my favorite websites, Vecteezy and Threadless. I need to come up with something clever and submit a design.

  72. Tophat

    Ooh! Sweet! Cool! Awesome! Threadless! Thanks for sharing. Going to have to check them out.

  73. Wordpressshirt

    i've been a fan of Threadless for years! as an artist and designer i look to Threadless for inspiration, to see all the amazing creations of artists from all over the world, and I take comfort in the knowledge that if and when i decide to I will be able to submit one of my own designs. <3

  74. Typestyles_avatar

    What a cool site and great T's. Thanks for introducing me to such clothing fun!

  75. Missing

    I love the extreme variety threadless provides, among other things.

  76. Missing

    I love the whole concept of Threadless. It's such a wonderfully unique idea! And the designs are awesome. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this prize!

  77. Missing

    Awesome idea, guys! Thanks!

  78. Threadless is great for all the amazing designs and concepts. Very inspiring.

  79. Img000013

    I love threadless because it has artwork on shirts and sweaters that was created from a diverse community. plus you also get to send in your artwork for your peers to vote on.

  80. What a great giveaway! Even if I don't win, I think a giftcard to the site would make a fantastic Crimmas gift to some folks I know.
    [i really want that book tho :)]
    w00t! Threadless & Vecteezy!

  81. Missing

    I <3 threadless

  82. Kitty_on_grass

    I love Threadless. Another great way to express myself or express the ideas of others, and to share their creativity.

  83. Xevibcn_istock_01

    Threadless is awesome. I discovered it one year ago and I love it! I hope to see one day one of my designs on their tshirts.

  84. Missing

    In this month alone, I've made 2 orders at Threadless. T-shirts there are super cool and there are often sales going on on Threadless, making a t-shirt cost down to $5!! How cool is that? :)

    I've also ordered a book, but normal one that's without a sketchbook. But it'll be a gift for a fellow designer, so I'd like one for myself too.

    I have Vecteezy shirt from previous giveaway, let's see if I am lucky enough to win again! Good luck everyone.

  85. Great concept. Love it.

  86. Missing

    Very awesome designs, and inspiration for me, another way of thinking here in The Netherlands!

  87. Missing

    They have SWEEEEEET DESIGNS plus the whole scoring thing is cool, too!

  88. Missing

    Thanks for the opportunity to win another fantastic prize!!

  89. Sounds good. I really like some of there designs.

  90. Missing

    I love the creativity that goes into threadless! As a designer myself, I love the quality of work.

  91. Missing

    What a good new!

  92. Image0383

    no comments plz because it's really too much great designs,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  93. Missing

    I adore the design by threadles, and I bought from them the coolest Tees I have :D :D

  94. Missing

    I love Threadless because they offer funny and unique designs!

  95. Carlitox_clown_vecteezy

    Cool! they r UNIQUE! and they have awesome stuffs, i just love them!

  96. Missing

    I love Threadless because of their unique and creative designs. :)

  97. Lucy_nice

    I love the cool looking tees and their very affordable price tags!

  98. N1076803728_138632_3208

    oh man that's great!! Hope I win!

  99. Missing


  100. Missing

    Sounds like an awesome giveaway!

  101. Pablo_profiles_small_150px


  102. Missing

    I love the designs! I love "weird" stuff!

  103. Missing

    Great idea for a give away!! Good luck everyone!

  104. Missing

    Why do I love Threadless? Right now, because I want to win stuff. (Of course, there are plenty of other reasons, most of which are obvious to most of their millions of customers & designers.)

  105. Missing

    <Pander, pander, pander,> Threadless. Mega-dittos to Vecteezy and Threadless for giving stuff away. <More pandering.>

  106. Missing

    Threadless is a great place for inspiration! There are tons of artwork by creative people and I love to look through the designs when I have a design block.

  107. Missing

    I love the participative nature of threadless. It gives artist an avenue to express their work (and earn cash), and the rest of use the chance to buy Awesome pieces of art on Tees.

  108. Missing

    I love threadless because it is all about the votes. Even important people (like Pen Ward, from Adventure Time, or Emmy Ciciriega) have to get votes. The community aspect is, I think, my favorite aspect.

  109. first of all i heart threadless like no one has ever hearted anything before. i have been getting my tshirts from threadless for about 6 years now and have spread the word to many friends. i am actually waiting on some tshirts in the mail now. please please please send me the coupon and book! thanks.